YOLO (Harry Styles fanfiction)

Brenda has always been a good girl. She is a staright A student, and always studies instead of partying. She hated most of the people in her school, who would always party hard, and make fun of her for being a goody-goody. The one she hated the most, was Harry Styles. He was the player, flirt, troublemaker and the badass. He also hated Brenda but, senior year is almost finishes, and he starts to flirt with her, but Brenda would just keep in my mind, "No, I do not I like him. You hate him, and it is never going to happen". Sicnce senior year is almost finished, seniors wanna go out and have some fun, except for Brenda. "You only live once" Those were the words that Harry said. What happens if she falls fo him? Everything goes great until he pulls her into the wild side, and gets her into trouble. What happens if she had enough? Will she be able to still handle him? Remember, You only live once. (13+)


7. I promise you I won't ever leave again

“I like you Brenda” he said.

Great, this is just great.

“Wow, what is the other stuff that you need to say to me but you don’t mean” I said, sarcastically.

“I really do Brenda”

“How am I supposed to believe you?” I asked.

He stood up, walked out and slammed the door. What have I done? Was I being that rude? Shouldn’t have I let him explain before yelling in his face? I stood up, and ran out the door quickly, hoping he still hasn’t left. Thankfully I found him, standing by his car with his hands across his face. “Harry!” I called, and I power walked towards him. “Look Brenda, I understand if you don’t want a word from me. Maybe your right its best if we stay away from each other” Tears formed in his eyes. “Harry I’m sorry, let’s go inside. I’ll let you explain” I said. A weak smile splattered across his face, and we both went back inside. He ran his fingers through my hair, “I’m sorry” he said. Before I knew it, he crashed his lips into mine, and started kissing me. I ran my fingers through his hair, and kissed him back. We let go, and we both smiled into the kiss. I hugged him tight and dug my head in his chest. I pulled away from him, and lifted me up, and put me in one shoulder. He opened the door of my room, and stepped inside. He put me down, and slammed the door with his foot. He tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear, “I promise you I won’t ever leave again” he said. He lifted me up again, putting my legs around his waist, and it turned into a make-out session. I got off of him, and he lifted me up again carrying me bridal style. He put me down in my bed, and he positioned himself on top of me. He started lifting my shirt, “Harry, I-I-I don’t know about this” I stuttered. “Brenda, just relax everything will be alright” he said. I nodded, “Okay” I said. He pulled my shirt off, and started kissing my neck. He kissed my neck, going up to my jaw line, and finding his way back on my lips. He pulled my shorts off, and I pulled his shirt off, and pulled his pants down. He rolled over, now I am on top of him. I pulled down his underwear and he pulled down mine. I rolled over, and he is on top of me again. And we did some other things that I don’t think most of the people should know about.

~The Next Morning~

I woke up the next morning with Harry’s arms around me. I turned to face him, he looked so peaceful. His hair was kinda going on his eye, so I tucked behind his hair. I felt him move so I quickly closed my eyes, pretending that I was still asleep. I don’t want him to think that I have been staring for too long. “Brenda” he mumbled. I slowly opened my eyes, and when I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was those beautiful green eyes. “Good morning love” he said. “Good morning” I said. “Brenda,” he started. “I didn’t get to explain everything last night” he said, and took a pause. “Okay, I think it’s best if you know this”. “I like you, Brenda. I’ve liked for four years, and I was always afraid to tell you. I know I have treated you like crap, mess with you, and acted like I hated you. The truth is that, I really don’t. I did all that to get your attention. I mean, when you started dating all those other guys in the past, it made me really jealous. I found that the only way that I could get your attention was mess with you. But I guess that was a mistake, because it made you hate me a lot. I’m sorry” There were hurt in his eyes, “I know you would probably think this some part of my plan, but it’s not. I really do have strong feelings for you. Like really strong. I always had trouble finding the right time to tell you. I finally started being nice to you because I don’t wanna leave high school, still hating on each other. I always wanted you to be my girl” he confessed. Tears started forming from my eyes. But it wasn’t sad tears. It was happy tears. “Hey, why are you crying?” he asked, wiping my tears with his thumb. “Nothing, I had no idea you had really strong feelings for me. And I acted like a bitch to you” I said. “You’re not. You’re sweet, kind, and beautiful” he said. I smiled, “Harry, I know it does seem like I hate you but, I always had this feeling where I don’t really hate you. Sometimes, I feel like I regret the things I tell you. I knew that somewhere deep inside me, that I have feelings for you” I said. A smile splattered across his face, and I just kissed him. We pulled away, with our noses touching. “Will you go out with me?” he asked. “Definitely” I replied. I kissed him softly. I would say that he is the sweetest guy I know.

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