YOLO (Harry Styles fanfiction)

Brenda has always been a good girl. She is a staright A student, and always studies instead of partying. She hated most of the people in her school, who would always party hard, and make fun of her for being a goody-goody. The one she hated the most, was Harry Styles. He was the player, flirt, troublemaker and the badass. He also hated Brenda but, senior year is almost finishes, and he starts to flirt with her, but Brenda would just keep in my mind, "No, I do not I like him. You hate him, and it is never going to happen". Sicnce senior year is almost finished, seniors wanna go out and have some fun, except for Brenda. "You only live once" Those were the words that Harry said. What happens if she falls fo him? Everything goes great until he pulls her into the wild side, and gets her into trouble. What happens if she had enough? Will she be able to still handle him? Remember, You only live once. (13+)


6. Great. This is just great

“Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?” My brother asked. “Yes I’m gonna be alright” I said. “Alright, mom and dad are waiting outside. I have to go bye” He hugged me, and left. My mom, dad, Greg, and Niall are going on a vacation in Italy. They asked me to go with them but I said no because I need to study and focus on basketball. Plus, all the students have a break from school, so I got plenty of time to do anything. I still have to tutor Harry. But today, I’m not gonna do it. I called Jenna and told her to do it for me today. I gave her a list on what lessons he need to study. “Alright Jenna I’m leaving” I said and gave her a hug. I just need a rest for today. I can’t stand to be with him for 3-4 hours.

Harry’s P.O.V

Harry knocked on the door waiting for Brenda to open it. He regretted what he did on the day of the party. He wasn’t thinking at all. He never did that to a girl. The door swung open and it wasn’t Brenda who opened the door. It was Jenna. “Ummm….sorry Jenna, Am I in the right house?” he asked. She shook her head, “Nope, Brenda told me to tutor you for today” Tutoring session didn’t go so well, he really missed Brenda.


“Okay Brenda, were all done” Jenna said on the other line. “Okay thank you” I said. I left H&M and drove home

I dropped my shopping bags, and closed the door of my bedroom. I grabbed my phone, and checked my messages. Mom (2), Dad (1), Greg (10), Niall (8), and Harry (27). Mom,
Dad, Greg, and Niall just wanted to check up on me, to see if I’m okay. And I didn’t bother to see Harry’s messages. I was thirsty, so I walked downstairs and went to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed a coke. I opened the can, and took a sip. “Brenda” I turned around and placed my coke in the counter, “How did you get here?” I asked, angry. “Your door was unlocked” he said. “Well get out!” I pushed him away, “Brenda, let me explain” he cried. “I don’t wanna hear anything from you” I don’t know if I am being rude, but I was really mad. He put his hands on my arms, and held them tight. “Let go of me!” I said, trying to let myself go. His grip was too strong and tight. “Please,” he cried. “Listen, I know you’re mad but just let me explain” I took a deep breath, “You know what Harry, I am tired of you messing with me, and I’m sick of you games and bullshit! Why does it have to be me Harry? Why?” I yelled. Tears started forming from my eyes. “Don’t cry” he said. “How about this, stay away from me and I stay away from you. In that way, there wouldn’t be problems for us” I finally got off his arms, and start to walk away. I should have known he was just pretending to be nice.

I locked the door of my room, and lay down on the bed. I hugged my pillow and cried. What he did to me was bullshit. My phone rang, and I grabbed my phone to check who it was. It was Niall. I sniffed and wiped off my tears. “Hello?” I said. “Hello Brenda, are you okay?” he asked. “Yeah I’m fine” I lied. “You sound upset” he said. “No I’m fine” We talked about stuff I need to do when they’re gone. One of them was to tutor Harry, which I am so not doing anymore. I said bye and hanged up. I went downstairs. I sat on the couch, and I felt a leg move. I looked at my right, and saw Harry lying down on the couch. He sat up, and I looked away from him. “What are you still doing here?” I asked. “Just give me a chance to explain” he said. He turned me around to face him, and he ran his fingers through my hair. “I like you Brenda”

Great, this is just great.

(Hey guys sorry for the short chapter I'm actually kind of busy right now, so I'll try to publish the next chapter couple of hours later bye)

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