My Special Girl- Niall Horan and Harry Styles Fan Fiction

This story is about Elliana and her best friend Lisa going to college to met new people. Elliana and Lisa aren't roommates but Elliana's roommate is Niall and Lisa's roommate is Harry. Lisa falls in love with Harry and Elliana falls in love with Niall. When Elliana and Lisa start to date their roommate things go wrong ....what happens next?......


2. Getting to know each other.


I stayed there on my bed trying to come up with a conversation starter. "So have any pets?" I say breaking the silence. "No but I wish i had a dog." he replies quick. "You want to hang get to know each other ? " I asking hoping for a yes. "Sure, 6?" "Ok". It is now 5 so I had an hour to get ready. I walk over to my cupboard to find an outfit. After what seemed forever, I finally found a great outfit. Not to fancy and not to casual. I wore a strapless metallic yellow top, with black jeans and a pair of converse. Niall had mentioned earlier that it's nothing to fancy. I look at my self in the mirror and decide to put mascara. I tied a fishtail brade to the side of my head and left it on my right shoulder and I grab a headband too. I glance at the mirror one more time, I was happy of how I looked. NIALL'S POV: I want to take Elliana to laser tag and a movie so I decide to wear a pair of blue jeans, with a white t-shirt and of course a pair of converse. I went the bathroom to get some hair gel and at the end, I was happy of how I looked. I'm so excited, I get to know her better and maybe just maybe.....she will be my princess. I went on twitter for a while because I had nothing to do and I still had 20 more minutes so I decide to go to Harry and see what he has been up too. I walk out of the room and into Harry's room. "Hey Harry!" I yell while coming in the room. "Hey Niall. This is my roommate Lisa.' "Hi Lisa, your friends with Elliana right?" I turned to face her. "Yeh she is......How do you know Elliana? " she asked with a worried tone. "She's my roommate. Were going to laser tag and the movies tonight......Just to get to know each other." I say. "I'm gonna go to her now. Nice to meet you Niall." she replies while walking out of the room. ELLIANA'S POV: I finish getting ready and sit on my bed. I have 15 more minutes left so I decide to go see Lisa. I walk towards the door when it flung open. "Lisa! I haven't seen you in like 7 hours! " I say while brining her into a hug. "Hey! so I met Niall. He's friends with the curly haired guy named Harry." she says explaining everything. "Really? cool!" I say. "You look amazing for your date!" Lisa winks at me."Wait, what? It's not a date! it's just to get to know each other and just to hang out that's all." I say pretty fast. "Surreeeeeee" she says sarcastically. I hit her arm playfully and we kept talking about random things. It was now 5:55 so I had only 5 more minutes. "Lisa! do I look good. I have to leave in 5 more minutes." I say in a rushed tone. "Yeah you look great. Now have fun baby girl ! Looooveeeeee you!" she says while kissing me on my check and giving me a big hug before she left. NIALL'S POV: "It's now 5:55 so I better get going now. Bye Haz!" i say while giving him a bro hug and I leave his room. I saw Lisa walking towards me. "Have fun!" she says while passing me to get to her room.  I continue walking until I got to my room. I stopped right in front of it. I didn't want to ruin this. I think I really like her even though we just met 8 hours ago. I knock on the door. ELLIANA'S POV: I was waiting for Niall. I heard a knock on the door. I knew it was Niall so I grab my bag and open the door. "Hey" I say with a smile on my face. Man, his eyes, his smile, his ..his ...he's PERFECTION! I think I really like him even though we just met 8 hours ago. "Hey, you look gorgeous." he said as he scanned me. I blush. "No. Don't blush." he giggles. "Okay then. Lets go handsome." I sayas I close the door. He blushes. "No. Don't blush" I mocked him. We both giggle at my bad impersonation. We get into his car *skip the car ride*.  we had dinner at a restaurant and then back to the car *skip car ride *  "LASER TAG!! YAYAYAYAYAY! " I yell while jumping up and down. He giggles at how I react and we go in to play. *after the laser tag* we got out of the place and took a little walk in a park. It was now 12 midnight. "The moonlight so beautiful" I say as we sat down on the grass. " Yeah, just like you" he says grinning. "cheesy" i winked. We spoke about what we enjoy and our life. It was great. It started to rain but we didn't care. We walked and talked and made it to the car. We stop and look into each other eyes. He leans in closer, still not losing eye contact. He gives me a long kiss on the lips. Fireworks. NIALL'S POV: After we walked and talked we made it to the car. I needed to kiss her so I did. Fireworks. We pull apart and smiled at each other like lunatics. We get into the car and head home. 

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