My Special Girl- Niall Horan and Harry Styles Fan Fiction

This story is about Elliana and her best friend Lisa going to college to met new people. Elliana and Lisa aren't roommates but Elliana's roommate is Niall and Lisa's roommate is Harry. Lisa falls in love with Harry and Elliana falls in love with Niall. When Elliana and Lisa start to date their roommate things go wrong ....what happens next?......


1. First Day of College!


"WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!!" Lisa yells as she attacks me with a pillow."what do you want" I reply with an annoyed tone. "It's the first day of College. I've already packed your suitcase and mine. Go have a shower, get dressed and then we will head out." she orders me " YES SIR!" I tease. I go to the shower and close the door behind me. I strip and get into the warm water, I only took 10 minutes. I step out of the shower and went into my room to find an outfit already there. On the couch I saw a simple sleeveless black top, light blue jeans with a pink matching belt, a pink cardigan, a pink beanie and black ankle boots. I quickly put them on and ran to the mirror to do my hair and make up. I decide to put only mascara and leave my dark brown straight hair down. I grab my phone and wallet and head out of the room and into the living room where I found Lisa. She looked amazing, she had a metallic orange top on with some black jeans and black boots , she didn't wear any make up and she put her short blonde hair down. "LETS GO!!" I yell in excitement. She get's up and runs to the door with her suitcase in her hand. I follow behind and close the door shut. "I'm gonna miss this place" I hear Lisa say behind me. "Don't worry, we will be back in the holidays.....I will call a cab." I say with a smile on my face. 

NIALL'S POV : I got dressed and headed down to see Harry waiting for me. "ready" I say as came to the bottom of the stair case. I close the door as we head out into the cab. *skip cab ride* We are now standing in front of the massive building. Harry looks at me and I nod. We went in and the first thing I saw was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She has dark brown straight hair (long), she's wearing a strapless black top, with light blue jeans with a pink matching belt, a pink cardigan, a pink beanie and black ankle boots. She looks amazing. I grab my room key and Harry grabs his. I see her go up the elevator still looking down......Who is she? she gorgeous. ELLIANA'S POV : As we walk into the building there was lots of people, but only one person stood out. He has blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. "Oi Lisa! that guy is so hot!" I whisper in her ear. "which one? the one that has curly brown hair and emerald green eyes that's  stand next to the blonde guy." she whisper back. "No the blonde guy!" I say. "Oh their both hot....but I bags the curly one!" she says with a smile on her face. "Ok, I bags the blonde one then" I say while  geting the keys to our room. I'm room 225 and Lisa's in 230 so she's only 5 doors down. I kept looking dow at him he's just !. We step off the elevator and talk, "I'm going to pack, meet you later? " "Ok" Lisa replies. We hug and went to out rooms. I start to unpack. *5 minutes later* I finish packing everything in cupboards and drawers . I slamed onto my bed and laying there staring at the roof. NIALL'S POV: I'm in room 225 and Harry's in 230 so were only 5 doors down. " Let's go pack, meet here at 4? " I say heading to my room. "Sure thing!" he yells. I finally find my room and knock to see if my roommate's here. The gorgeous girl I saw from before had open the door of my room! EllIANA'S POV: I hear a knock on my door, I went and open it for the guy I saw from before, the blonde one. "Hi, is something wrong?" I say staring into his oceans eyes. " Hi, roommate! " he replies. "Oh come on in, I'm Elliana" I say while sticking my hand out. "I'm Niall" he says while shaking my hand. As he shook my hand it sent shiffers down my back. NIALL'S POV: As we shook hands I feel shiffers going through down my back. I let go and start to un pack " Do you need any help? I have nothing else to do." I hear a soft kind voice say. "No, don't worry. This is my last box anyway." I say. "Ok". she replies. LISA'S POV: I said bye to Elliana and head to put everything in place. When I finish putting everything in place I hear a knock at my door thinking it was Elliana. I ran up to the door and flung it open to see the gorgeous curly haired boy. "Hi." I asked a bit confused. "Hey, I'm your roommate. My name's Harry. Nice to meet you. " He says while sticking out a hand to shake. "I'm Lisa." I say while shaking his hand with a smile on my face. While he was transferring clothes from his suitcase to cupboards, I can't help but to stare at his emerald eyes. His eyes are perfect. His hair is perfect......He is perfect. He's so sweet and so hot. HARRY'S POV: I knock on the door and a beautiful girl opened it. I stared into her hazel eyes. "Hi" she says with a confused tone."Hey, I'm your roommate. My name's Harry. Nice to meet you. " I say sticking out my hand for her to shake. "I'm Lisa" she says while shaking my hand. Her smile, her voice, her eyes.....her everything is just ....just.. beautiful!. She looks like an angle when she smiles and when she giggles. LISA'S POV: " Do you need any help with that?" I ask kindly. "No thanks. This is my last piece of clothing to pack" He said holding up a pair of jeans. I just nod. 

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