We'll Always Have Paris - A Harry Styles Fanfiction

Gabrielle Moreau is a 19-year old French girl living in Paris, the “capital of love”. To most people she looks ordinary, but behind her high-built façade hides a girl that suffers. She tries to shut the inferior sides of her life out by doing the things she loves and letting her thoughts circle around something elsewhere—and she succeeds in focusing on the good things in life flawlessly.
When Gabrielle an early morning gets a call from One Direction’s manager, who offers her the opportunity of working with them on their summer tour in Paris, she immediately replies him with a yes. She doesn’t know it just yet, but within the next few months she will get to grow a close bond to each of the boys in the band—and particularly one of them. Before she knows it, Gabrielle has been thrown into something she this time won’t be able to pull herself out of … Will she finally start opening herself up to someone and let them in without any conditions? **Check out the trailer in the right sidebar**


7. Confess




I don't mean to harm anyone, but in a strange way I feel happy our piano-man has gotten sick and therefore had to stay home in England. If he hadn’t, I never would have gotten the chance to meet Gabrielle. And getting to know a girl as amazing as her was something I wouldn’t have missed out on for the world. She is gorgeous inside out, like a beautiful red rose covered in dewdrops on an early morningThe inside part I don’t know that well yet, but her outs are utterly perfect. Her hair has a naturally chestnut brown color and her eyes are a so dark shade of brown that they almost could be mistaken for being black. Her tanned skin is unlike mine not marked by any tattoos and her petite-figured body’s spine ends up with an amazingly fit and firm bum. To most guys she would probably be called eye-candy, but to me she was the purest beauty you could find.

Something in the back of my mind tells me that I'm crushing on her. It's just by the slightest, but I feel it as clear as ever. All of the signs are there: I keep on smiling every time she’s near me and every time someone mentions her name, my heart flutters. And not to forget that every time I’m given the chance I will reach out and touch her flawless skin, like I have this sick need of having to be in physical contact with her.

Throughout the last couple of days I’ve been trying to keep all of this to myself. After all it’s just a simple, silly crush and it can happen to anyone at anytime. I only just met her the day before, and how weird would it be if I out of nowhere asked her out? I bet that would make things way more awkward between us than I want them to. We have to work together for a whole summer and messing up our relationship on the second day of knowing each other is to me not the best way of starting out our collaboration. No one has said that something has to happen between us, and therefore I plan not to let these things happen right away.

Unfortunately for me, four certain boys have already seemed to notice my newfound behavior around Gabrielle. As on cue, they start mocking me as soon as Gabrielle has exited the room, knowing that she’s my sore spot. Even now, just after finishing an exhausting rehearsal and another set of terribly boring sound checks. 

“I think someone’s got a cruuuuush!” Louis coos, immediately getting my cheeks to blush in a bright, pink color.

“Oh yeah, on who?” I try to shoot back, but regret the words as soon as they have escaped my lips. Like they didn’t know on whom already.

As an answer to my question Niall loudly starts bleating, “Harry and Gabrielle sitting in a tree and k—”

“Shut up, Niall.”

“Why so harsh, Haz?” Zayn questions me. “You fancy her and nothing’s wrong with that. I find it natural—especially when you think of her incredibly good looks. It's not normal for a girl to be that hot.”

“No,” I say and point a crooked finger at him. “Don’t you dare put your dirty hands on her.”

“SHE’S HARRY’S!” Louis yelps, making us all winch back from him in scare.

“You’ve got to stop doing that,” Liam notes and we all nod consentingly at him. Dealing with Louis’ sudden loud exclaims for now almost three years is a bit of a work.

“Why don’t you just get over with it?” Liam says and stares earnestly at me. “Tell her what you feel.” I rest my head in my hands with a clear resignedly attitude. They were hopeless. “If you don’t tell her soon, it’ll be no problem for us to do,” Liam goes on and pulls a predominantly face whilst nodding towards the other lads.

“This conversation is over,” I hurry to state, closing the subject before any of them will get to actually make me change my mind about Gabrielle. I can sense how they already now have planted a thought in my head. Before they can get to object I walk out of the room, pretending that I’m gonna have to use the bathroom within the minute.

This is not very much alike for me to do. Never have I been this socially awkward because of one girl.

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