Don't You Remember?

She was a shy, quiet girl until you got to know her.
Lilly was originally dating Zayn but decided to break up because they were drifting apart. A few months later, Lilly and Niall started to see each other more and more, they started to fall for each other. They were both to shy to admit their feelings for each other; but they both knew that they were there... And they were strong.
The boys knew Niall likes Lilly. A lot. He manages to pluck up the courage to tell her at Harry's birthday party. They both love each other.
Zayn's jealousy drives him to do something he shouldn't have, resulting in Lilly losing her memories of the past few months. Can Niall get her back? Or will she decide to stay with Zayn?


6. We Will Just Leave

''That was yummy, thank you for paying, I didn't expect you too'' I said as we sat in Niall's car and finished our McDonald's.

 ''Your very welcome, Lilly'' He chuckled as he turned the key and began the engine, we were off to Zayn's house now. I had no idea what I was going to say or do.




''Do you want me to come in at Zayn's'' I asked as I pulled out of the car park and onto the main road.

''If you don't mind, I don't want to be alone'' She said as she looked down and started to nervously pick at her nails. The thought that I could comfort her made me feel good.

''Nervous?'' I questioned as I looked down at her picking her nails while the car was stopped at a red light.

''Yes'' She answered quietly. Her long, dark hair was hiding her pretty face as she sighed.

''Don't be, it's only Zayn'' I stated as I smiled to myself thinking of how harsh he could be towards someone when they were in an argument.

''Pfft, yeah that's great'' She replied in a sulky tone. I could tell by the way she sounded when she talked about him that they had been through a lot as a couple.

''Niall, Im not going to lie, but Im quite scared'' She whispered as she glanced up at me, I momentarily took my eyes of the road and glanced down to see Lilly's eyes beginning to become blurry and wet. I looked back at the road and sighed to myself.

''Don't be, and don't cry either'' I said as I patted her small knee in sympathy.

''He's going to be so mad that I stayed with you''

''If I come in, I wont let him have a proper shout at you then''

''He wont listen, Ni''

''Then we will just leave'' I chuckled, thinking about what Zayn's face would look like if Lilly and I just walked out and ignored him. Lilly stayed silent.

''If he wont listen to anything you've got to say, then go grab all your stuff and we could just leave 'im'' I explained again. 

''It's a plan'' She finally replied after a few moments of awkward silence. I looked down at her quickly again, her eyes still slightly red from the tears, but she had her beautiful smile on her face. 

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