Don't You Remember?

She was a shy, quiet girl until you got to know her.
Lilly was originally dating Zayn but decided to break up because they were drifting apart. A few months later, Lilly and Niall started to see each other more and more, they started to fall for each other. They were both to shy to admit their feelings for each other; but they both knew that they were there... And they were strong.
The boys knew Niall likes Lilly. A lot. He manages to pluck up the courage to tell her at Harry's birthday party. They both love each other.
Zayn's jealousy drives him to do something he shouldn't have, resulting in Lilly losing her memories of the past few months. Can Niall get her back? Or will she decide to stay with Zayn?


4. Singing Whispers.

''You better not snore, Niall'' She said as she got comfortable.

''I don't think I do?'' I laughed. I was very tired, I wanted to hold Lilly, I wanted to comfort her, but I didn't know how. I wasn't used to being around girls in this way.

''Well, Night, Ni'' She said as she turned the lamp at the side of the bed off. I love it when she called me Ni.

''Night, Lilly'' I replied as I turned away from her and fell asleep.




I woke up. There were rays of light coming through the blinds. I looked over at at the other side of the bed... Niall was still asleep.

Zayn was all I could think about right now, he had messed with my heart so much over the past year. I am definitely over him. 

I am still wiling to be friends with him though, I mean, I would hate to lose contact with the boys; even though I wasn't that close to Liam or Louis, they were still nice to know.

I needed to talk to Zayn. I'll go over there with Niall when he's up.

''And ow, you're giving me a heart attack, looking like you do-oo'' I whispered to myself. I had heart attack stuck in my head. I couldn't help but sing it very quietly to myself.

''Cause you're all I've ever wanted, thought you would be the one that's''

''ow, giving me a heart attack, getting over you-oo'' Niall sang along with me. I grinned and looked over at him.

''Sorry, did I wake you up?'' I asked, still with a smile on my face.

He turned over and looked at me. ''Yeah, but it's okay'' He laughed.

''Will you come to Zayn's with me?'' I asked, the smile slowly shrinking on my face.

''Um, of course.'' He answered and gave me a comforting smile.

''Okay, thanks''



''Can we get a Mc Donald's breakfast?''

''Oh my god, of course. Im hungry'' I replied. I got out of bed and walked over to my bag. I pulled out some new clothes.

''Yes! Okay, I'll get dressed. We can go get it before we go to Zayn's, yeah?'' He asked as he stepped out of bed and began to straighten the sheets.

''Sure'' I smiled back, I walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I looked terrible. 

I splashed my face with water and took out the make up that I had left in here from last night. I applied some foundation and powder to my face. Already a lot better. Then added some mascara and blush.

I changed my underwear and socks, pulled on my skinny ripped jeans and put on a short sleeved, white top that said 'geek' on it. I put a leather jacket on over the top. I took my hair out of the braid and let it down. I pinned my side fringe back in small quiff, sprayed some perfume over myself and unlocked the door...




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