Don't You Remember?

She was a shy, quiet girl until you got to know her.
Lilly was originally dating Zayn but decided to break up because they were drifting apart. A few months later, Lilly and Niall started to see each other more and more, they started to fall for each other. They were both to shy to admit their feelings for each other; but they both knew that they were there... And they were strong.
The boys knew Niall likes Lilly. A lot. He manages to pluck up the courage to tell her at Harry's birthday party. They both love each other.
Zayn's jealousy drives him to do something he shouldn't have, resulting in Lilly losing her memories of the past few months. Can Niall get her back? Or will she decide to stay with Zayn?


5. ''Like ever''

''Ready, Niall?'' I asked before entering his room.

''Yeah, you can come in'' He answered. I opened the door and looked up at Niall, he was wearing cream colored chinos with a red Ralph polo. He had stuck his hair up in the usual quiff and was just getting his high, red converse on.

''I'll take my bag with me, I'll probably go and stay with my friend Abby now..'' I said, as I walked over to my bag and began to put my worn clothes into it.

''Oh right, sure.'' He replied as he stood up from his bed and watched me pack my bags.

''I can't thank you enough for letting me stay here last night'' I started.

''It was a pleasure to have you'' He chuckled

''Well, I'm ready'' 

''Let's gooo'' Niall pointed to the door. We both made our way downstairs.

I really wanted to see Zayn and talk about this all. I didn't want to get back with him.


I just needed to pick up the piece's and move on. Niall was being such a nice guy.




Lilly looked lovely. Why did Zayn do this too her? I was going to have to talk to him later. 

I wish Lilly would stay with me. We get along so well... 

''Let me just find my car keys'' I said as I left her standing by the front door. I picked the keys up off the kitchen counter.

''Got 'em?'' Lilly asked.

''Yeah, lets go'' I opened the front door and held it open for her. She walked out the house quickly, I unlocked the car and we both got in. She was obviously used to being quick with things like this from dating Zayn. She knew how quick the media could be.

''You recon there's going to be a lot of fans or media?'' She asked as I started the engine.

''Doubt it, it's a school day, I don't think the paps will be quick enough either.'' I replied as I drove out the drive way and began the short drive to Mc Donald's.

''Okay, let's just go through the drive through.'' Lilly giggled as she looked out the window and saw people starting to stare at me.

''Okey dokey. Um, have you though about what your'e going to say to Zayn?'' I asked, trying not to sound too awkward.

''I'm just going to explain to him how I feel and that if he wants to be friends that's fine. But we will never get back together'' 

''Like ever'' I repeated. Trying to mimic Taylor Swift. Lilly laughed, her smile was gorgeous.

I looked round at her sitting on the passengers seat with a grin on her face. I loved making her laugh.

''Good one, Ni Ni'' She giggled. I smirked back in response.

''You don't mind me calling you Ni Ni, right?'' She asked.

''No it's fine. I like it'' I said. I wanted to tell her how cute I thought it was and how cute she sounded when she said it.

But it just didn't seem right to say that to her after she had just broken up with one of my best friends.

''Good, because that's what I'm going to be calling you from now on'' She laughed


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