Don't You Remember?

She was a shy, quiet girl until you got to know her.
Lilly was originally dating Zayn but decided to break up because they were drifting apart. A few months later, Lilly and Niall started to see each other more and more, they started to fall for each other. They were both to shy to admit their feelings for each other; but they both knew that they were there... And they were strong.
The boys knew Niall likes Lilly. A lot. He manages to pluck up the courage to tell her at Harry's birthday party. They both love each other.
Zayn's jealousy drives him to do something he shouldn't have, resulting in Lilly losing her memories of the past few months. Can Niall get her back? Or will she decide to stay with Zayn?


3. I Don't Want to be Lonely.

''Um, yeah, she's right here'' I replied, uncertain of what his reaction to that would be.

''Oh. Okay, I just want to talk to her.''

''Maybe you should call back tomorrow, mate, she's pretty upset.''

''Right, fine okay. Tell her I called. Um look after her, Ni'' He replied. I was surprised at how calm he was. Although I could tell he was upset. He ended the call promptly, not giving me the chance to say anything back to him. I lowered the phone from my ear, locked it and slid it back into my pocket.

''Zayn's going to ring you tomorrow...'' I said hesitantly.

''Oh, okay... I probably should sort this out with him. '' She looked down at the floor.

''Im not getting back together with him though. It's over with him, I don't mind being friends, but I've had enough of being his 'girlfriend''' She continued. I wasn't sure how to react. 

Zayn was one of my closest mates, and he had just broke Lilly's heart. I had to be careful not to say anything that could upset her even more.

''So, do you want to tell me what happened?'' I asked

We both sat on the couch talking about it. I had to hug her a few times because she started to cry. 

She told me how Zayn met this girl in Mexico when we were on tour, and that basically he was sending her rude texts and from what I can gather was basically cheating on Lilly with her.

I was shocked. I honestly couldn't believe it. Zayn was usually nice to girls, but he has always been unsatisfied with them.

''It's okay, he wont hurt you now your'e not with him'' I gave her a friendly smile

''Thanks for listening, Niall'' She looked at me straight in the eyes. She was so gorgeous.

''Its okay, now, what do you want to do?'' I asked

''Would you mind if I had another drink?''

''Of course you can! I might join you!'' I said with a smile. I walked over and got the wine bottle and two glasses. I passed one to Lilly and kept the other for myself.

about two hours later we had drunk a hole, large bottle of wine between us. We were pretty tipsy, verging on drunk almost.

''So Niall. Where we sleeping to night'' She asked me as she put her hand on my shoulder

''Well, you can sleep where ever you want''

''I don't want to be lonely, tonight.'' She said, trying to sound more serious. But we couldn't stop giggling.

''Well, then, Lilly. Why don't you come and share my bed with me?'' I asked as I put the glasses in  the sink and the bottle in the recycling. 

''Good idea, Ni Ni'' When she said that, my heart started to beat faster. Ni Ni. That was so cute. I think I had a bit of a crush on her.

We both went upstairs, I carried Lilly's bag up with me and gave it to her when we got up there.

''Ill go get changed in the bathroom and freshen up a bit'' She said before she entered my room.

''Alright, Lilly'' I said as I opened my door to my room. I walked in and took off my shirt and jeans so I was just left in what I usually sleep in; my boxers.

I got in under the cover and got comfortable.

Before I knew it, Lilly was back. She had tied her hair into a fishtail plait that came over her shoulder, and she was still in her clothes.

''Um, Niall, I have forgotten my PJs.. Can i borrow a tee?'' She giggled, she looked a little embarrassed. But I found it cute.

''Of course, in the bottom draw'' 

She pulled out a red, plain polo and took it out the room with her and went back into the bathroom to get changed.

A few moments later she came back with a pile of clothes in her arms and my red polo on which covered almost half her thighs. 

She placed her clothes on the floor next her side of the bad and slowly got under the covers.. 

I started to get butterflies...


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