Underneath the Earth

In a world where most of the world has died off because of an ever present ice-age, she lives under the Earth.
She was saved as a baby as well as 1,000 other children.
They are the only hope for humanity surviving.
Being trained to become an officer in the new society under the earth. She has the most complete trust in The Saviors, the new government, but when her brother goes missing her faith starts to weaken. New facts start to arise from,Ammi her fierce friend, and Davon a boy who appeared out of nowhere, and she realizes things may not be as they seem..


1. Chapter One


She had blue eyes. Blue as the ocean, or the ocean that once was. But I see the pictures of the ocean and I know that it is the same color. That color of the water.

It’s like the water fills up her eyes.

That’s all I remember from my dream last night.

That woman and her eyes.

Who is she? Why can’t I remember anything else?

Why is she in my dreams?

I better not tell Ammi, she will just spurt out her theories.

I slowly open my eyes, the dark haziness around me still swirling.

It will be dawn soon, or what I call dawn.

It’s an old word, from a time that is decades in the past.

So old it is never said, almost forbidden.

Besides there is no dawn anymore, Just the light that the projections in my windows create. Most girls in the compound don’t even get this, due to limited resources. But because of my position and my loss they were put in last week.

I remember it was exactly the day after they told me Camor disappeared.

Where did he go?

He said he would never leave me.

Not since we are all we have left of family. Some people have cousins but it is extremely unusual.

Most people are here on their own. We are a family to each other.

I blink back my rising tears that have come ever since they told me he was gone.

Or as good as gone.

Lost in the tunnels, probably in one that had collapsed that day.

He was the only one that didn’t come back.

Trying to study myself, I swing my feet over my bunk and find solid ground.

At least the ground will never leave me.

Even Ammi has plans, crazy unthoughtout plans. Then again she has been planning since we were in Primary training. Planning to get out.

We were only six.

She was willing to throw herself out into an ice age at 6 years old.  

Sometimes I wonder what she sees that I don’t.

Then I tell myself not to wonder.

Because she sees the Saviors as her enemy.

I see the Saviors as family.

Then again I am closer to them then her.

The officials and the people of the compound. Ever since we were split up when we started secondary training.

Because I am a Potential and she is an Unrealistic.

I walk to the closet, trying hard not to wake the peaceful sleeping girl who has been my best friend since I can remember.

Ammi, I don’t even know how we met or when we started to rely on each other.

I pull out my rinse things and robe and walk to the showers. The showers should be empty right now; the hallway lights are still dim.

Some people find it creepy at this time of the day. The light only reaching so far and all. I find it beautiful though. I twisted beautiful that you have to look really hard to find. Like it only appears for a second and if you don’t catch it you never will.

But these walls are my home, and even though they are to everyone else, I find calmness in the concrete steadiness and the quiet of the early “mourning”.

I reach the showers and pick a stall at the far back. I turn the water on and jump back, waiting a few minutes, like usual, to let the water heat up. It is always cold in the morning when it is never in use. If you come back in a few hours, though, when everyone is here, you will find it piping hot. I like to listen to the water though, it almost rejuvenates me. It Gets me ready for the day a head.

Everyday this is what I do.

Every mourning the same.

I laugh, as if daring for that to change.



Ammi is writing in her dream journal when she gets back. I don’t see her doing it very much now. Ever since I turned 16, her trust in me seeps out of her a little less, like water trickling from a hose.

Then she leaves me there to clean up the mess.

Her head jerks up violently and I know she was caught up In the memories from her dream. Her fiery hair is wild, giving her a mane. Or what I think would be a mane.

I haven’t looked at pictures of the lions-that-were in years.

“Still nothing?” I say, amused at her disappointed expression.

“They are there Kasha. I know they are.”


“Don’t patronize me. I must have seen my parents at least once before I was sent here to die.” I widen my eyes and quickly close the door.

“Ammi! Don’t say things like that! If an Official had been walking around you would have been thrown into the snow.” My voice shakes. She has been reckless lately.

“How do you know that’s not what I want?”

“Because you’re not ready to die yet, not matter what your theories.” Her eyes narrow at me.

Then her face softens.

“I wish you would listen.” I almost laugh. I have been saying that to her for the past ten years of our lives. I sit next to her.

“Ammi. Just because you saw your parents one when you were very little does not mean that you will see them in a…a dream.”

“We only see people we have seen before in our dreams. I have seen them once, I will see them again.” She says fiercely. Without another, she gets up and leaves me alone. I lie back on the bed and find her dream journal under my back.

She never leaves it out. She forgot.

I bite my lip trying not to open it.


I quickly put the journal back on the bed and change into my uniform. Sometimes I wonder how Ammi would look in it. If she wasn’t a Unrealistic, she could easily be one of the top 5 in the Potential class. She has just that, potential, but the officials don’t have the time to deal with people like her.

People with heads filled with lies.

She wastes her time on dreams and fantasy, while I use my talents in training and working to become the best.

Yet despite all her faults, she is my best friend.

I am probably the only thing keeping her out of the snow. 

I wish though that she would trust me more. That she didn’t sneak in at least last second before curfew when she thinks I am asleep. She almost broke it once when I stayed up to talk to her.

I wish we were still close.

I look up suddenly to see someone burst into the room. I hope it is Ammi but I am disappointed to see a wild-eyed boys with a half smirk covering his unusually tan face.

What catches me off guard the most though are his eyes.


Ocean blue.

As if the eye is filled with water.

Eyes that wash me away.

“Who are you?” I ask, my voice more of a squeak then anything. Very unbecoming of an officer in training.

“I am your new roommate.” He sets his bag on my bunk, making it squeak. I laugh.

“I already have a roommate buddy.”

“Maybe she decided to take a break from that amazing personality of yours.” His eyes glint with humor. Hot anger flashes through me and I pick up my belt, my gun strapped to it.

“This is 1406 right?”

“No.” I try to keep a calm exterior. Suddenly he is right in front of me. This boy can move fast. He leans in so close I forget to breath. I only get this close to a boy when I am fighting in training. Never like this.

“Do you want it to be?” He winks and I am snapped back into reality. I put my hand on my gun.

“Have you ever been shot?”

“Right in the heart.” He says casually, which knocks me off guard.

“When?” I ask haughtily. He steps back a bit and gets his things. Before he walks out the door.

“Another question for another day.” He grins.

He is gone so quick I begin to wonder if he was ever really there.


My heart thumps at exactly 68 beats per minute. I am 120 pounds of pure muscle.

I have been designed for this.

Carefully crafted and now I am starting to see the beauty of the work.

I will be an officer.

This is my potential.

I have known this ever since I was ranked highest at the end of primary training.

I have known this ever since my instructors gazed at me proudly as the officials looked over the top ten of the Primary training graduation.

I wear a crown of gold on my head.

No one else will take my place that you can be sure of.

I may be the next president they say. Of course I am only the highest ranked of my sector. The compound has ten sectors in all. The top 2 from each have automatic permits to trainignt to become an officer, if that is what you choose.

Always 2.

That is just in the beginner class.

Every year as people move up in the ranks, others are selected to fill the spots in the beginner class. I will be in the intermediate class next year. In 2 years I will be an officer.

I know this because I memorized every detail of the handbook.

Such isn’t required but expected of the exceptional.

Which I will be. Because this is my crown, my life.

As I walk down the hallways, girls and boys alike, stare in awe. Me in my jet black and blue suit. A luxury of my training. Others that aren’t in line to become officers were jumpsuits, colored to who you are.

Potentials jumpsuits are green, the color of hope.

The color of the earth that is in an ice age but we one day hope to return to.

To above ground.

Unrealistic’s wear the color of yellow. The color of the sun.

The sun that is beneficial and needed, but can cause damage. Just like Unrealistic’s can. There aren’t many anymore.

Everything now has to be regulated and kept with order so that our race can survive.

I am a part of that order.

I remind myself of this every day.

Because without order there is death.

Since most of the population of the compound is under 21, we are too young to die.

No one should know what it feels like to die.




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