The Beautiful, Dangerous Tokyo

Mika moves to Tokyo, to a dream full of adventures and romance... but soon she discovers that under the beautiful surface lies a dangerous city that tries to suck her in. Will Mika survive the dirty business she gets in or will the evil city take her away forever?


2. Sunrise Between Naked Cherry Blossom Trees

--- Chapter 2 --- Sunrise Between Naked Cherry Blossom Trees ---


Mika takes her first steps out of the train into the capital city of Japan. Her legs are weak from the long flight and her head feels heavy. She have arrived at the station that will become her new home; Kunitachi. Mika looks up at the dark and mysterious sky, it seems to be the same sky as before but the air is more humid and thicker. A raindrop falls on her cheek and a quiet rain forces her to keep on walking. Her new apartment is only 5 minutes from the station, it's small and dirty but charmed by two big cherry blossom trees next to it. Though they haven't start blossom quite yet. Mika opens the door on the second and highest floor with a key that the landlord put in her mailbox. She puts down her luggage in the hall and sees that the boxes with her stuff from England has already arrived, she opens the one with the word “Bedroom” written on it and pulls out a futon, a pillow and a blanket. Her mind is too tired from the journey and it's hard to think straight. Is she really here now or is this just a dream? Like the ones before... She looks at her cellphone, 6pm, maybe it's a bit early to fall asleep but the time difference is playing with her head and the time back home is now 10 in the morning. Her eyes are heavy, she sends away a text message to her father saying she arrived safely and then quickly falls asleep and is thrown into a world of imagination and dreams which will soon become reality.


Mika opens her eyes, search for a window with no curtains; it's still dark out side, her cellphone shows 4am, but she feels rested. Mika inhales and feel the new unaccustomed air fill her lungs, it's true, she's not sleeping anymore yet she's still in this foreign place. Japan. Mika takes another deep breath and tries to calm down all the excitement she's feeling inside. To make the time go by faster she begins to unpack all of her boxes. In her apartment there is a hallway that's connected with the kitchen, a living room connected with the bedroom, a small bathroom and a balcony. She unpacks two boxes for each room with the most important and necessary stuff and the two big bags with all of her clothes into a closet. The apartment is old and seems to be in a traditionally Japanese style with sliding doors, wood in various forms and tatami flooring. It's perfect for Mika. Simple, pretty, small and cheap.


Mika steps out on the balcony. Watches as the sun start to rise between the houses and naked cherry blossom trees. A sky of deep pink and orange hues that slowly disintegrates to a clear brilliant blue. Underneath her on the street joyful schoolchildren are now walking to school in their cute uniforms and tired businessmen are on their way to work in their stiff black or gray suits.

Mika's thoughts goes deeper and deeper into outer space. Thinking about her purpose of being here. Mainly to start a new life, to live her dream but also to search after the one person that has been missing her whole life. The one responsible for the empty hole in her chest.


Mika's brother. 



--- Chapter 2 --- Sunrise Between Naked Cherry Blossom Trees ---


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

- Henry David Thorean

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