The Beautiful, Dangerous Tokyo

Mika moves to Tokyo, to a dream full of adventures and romance... but soon she discovers that under the beautiful surface lies a dangerous city that tries to suck her in. Will Mika survive the dirty business she gets in or will the evil city take her away forever?


4. Meeting Moon

--- Chapter 4 --- Meeting Moon ---


But before Mika can start looking for her long lost brother she needs to find a job. She takes a shower, changes her clothes and steps out of the apartment. Kunitachi is quiet and peaceful, surrounded by old houses and cute looking stores. In one which an old lady is watering the flowers outside a florist shop and beside her an old man is wiping the grit off the street in front of a tiny, cozy café. After a 10 minute walk down the street she finds a internet café.


After sending out her resume to different restaurants, cafés, pubs and stores there's not much left to do than waiting for answers. On her way back home she's drawn to a bright green sign with the word "Flowers". Her curiosity takes over and she follows the green arrow under the sign up through a steep staircase that leads to a lonely door, a dim red light shines through the door window, it looks kind of suspicious from the outside. Mika opens the door and the first thing she sees is a poster of the french movie "Amélie". Suddenly two voices breaks the silence; "Welcome!" Behind a bar a beautiful woman in red dress, long black hair and heavy makeup (deep red lips) is standing together with a tall, young man with a dorky fish cap.

Mika have entered a small, dark pub which only light source are tiny red bulbs hanging around the bar and candles on all the tables and by the mosaic window (forming a rose in different shades of red, green and blue), with the stearic dripping down into a big candle-grease puddle. The air is a bit smoky due to all the incenses that are giving away a fragrance of cinnamon and other spices. Mika goes to sit at the table by the window , the young man walks up to her and gives her the menu, he looks at her with kind yet curious eyes.

"Where do you come from, do you speak Japanese?" he ask and Mika replies "Yes, I'm half Japanese and half English, I just moved here from England." Mika orders a latte with hazelnut flavor and sits quietly, thinking about her brother and watches as the people outside are walking by. Suddenly it starts raining and the atmosphere in the pub becomes even more romantic; with the low jazz music from the stereo and the sound of rain against the window.

"Is it okay if I sit down here for a moment?" The young man ask Mika.

"Of course" The man sits down at the other end of the table and they start talking.  


Turns out his name is Itsuki, 28 years old and owns the pub "Flowers" together with his mother Akiko (who doesn't look one year older than 35 but in real life is 55 years old!) He has a long distance relationship with a girl who moved to England and when Mika tell him about England he absolutely shines with excitement, in a couple of months when he have saved enough money he will go and visit her. In return Itsuki-san explains a lot about Kunitachi, since it's been his home his whole life he knows the best places to shop, to drink, eat and study. He explains that it's not a big city but there are many schools and two universities and one of them is the Kunitachi Music University. Every year Kunitachi has different festivals called Matsuri (in all the matsuri booths one can find souvenirs, food such as takoyaki, and games, such as kingyo-sukui/goldfish scooping etc. etc.), not far from Kunitachi they have firework festival every summer called Hanabi and in the spring all the cherry blossom trees are blooming which is the perfect time for picnics and get together. The hours pass by and suddenly it's time for the pub to close for the night. Itsuki-san gives Mika his phone number and email address and tells her to contact him if she need help with anything and to come back to Flowers whenever she wants to. 


Mika opens the door to her apartment and get ready for bed. She is smiling, glad to have a friend in this alien world. Itsuki-san... He told her that his name's meaning is "moon" and that they maybe were destined to meet each other and become friends because the meaning of Mika's name is "new moon" Itsuki-san... Now Mika doesn't feel as lonely as before. She falls asleep, still with a smile on her face.


The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.

- Carl Sandburg


The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon.

- Jean Ingelow.


--- Chapter 4 --- Meeting Moon ---

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