The Beautiful, Dangerous Tokyo

Mika moves to Tokyo, to a dream full of adventures and romance... but soon she discovers that under the beautiful surface lies a dangerous city that tries to suck her in. Will Mika survive the dirty business she gets in or will the evil city take her away forever?


3. Long Lost Brother

--- Chapter 3 --- Long Lost Brother ---


Who is Mika's brother?

It will be a challenge to find one person in an ocean of millions of people living in Tokyo. From the research that Mika has been doing for years it's not going to be easy. The few facts she got from her father was that he's her half brother, born in Tokyo and his surname should be Ishikawa. Mika remembers when her father told her about his life in Japan and his first love with a woman named Tsukiko Ishikawa. How their relationship came to an abrupt end when his job relocated him to England, but how she told him on that same day that she was pregnant with a baby boy and that she was going to keep the baby even though their relationship had ended. They separated with no hard feelings.

Two years later Mika's father met her mother in England, after a year they got married and after another one they got Mika. Which means that Mika's half brother is about 4 years older, now when Mika is 21, he should be 25. Mika's father wrote down the address to Tsukiko Ishikawa's house in Tokyo and if Mika is lucky, she still lives there. But who knows, this was her home 25 years ago...

Mika's father also showed her the only photo he got of Tsukiko Ishikawa, in the black and white photo there's a beautiful Japanese woman standing in front of a cherry blossom tree in a kimono printed with small flowers and her hair in a tight coiffure. Her facial expression looks stiff and a bit sad. Sometimes late at night Mika can look at that photo for hours, wondering where the woman is, how she is living her life and how her son, Mika's brother is living his.


Mika can't help but to think 'What if they will hate her?' or 'What if they don't want anything to do with her...?' What will she do then? Go back home to England? Hopefully they will just get very surprised but accept Mika as she is, as the half daughter/half sister who's been lost and missing something in her heart for 21 years, for too long. Feeling lonely even is she's not.


Mika also wonder is she and her brother will look anything alike. Mika inherited her fathers nose, face shape and the shape of his eyes, those futures all look Japanese. The rest is inherited from her mother, her wavy cherry blonde hair, full lips and ice blue eyes. Her skin tone is somewhere in between, a bit paler than her father.

How will Mika's brother look like, will she be able to recognise him?


Loneliness is my least favorite thing about life. The thing that I'm most worried about is just being alone without anybody to care for or someone who will care for me.

-Anne Hathaway


--- Chapter 3 --- Long Lost Brother ---

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