The Beautiful, Dangerous Tokyo

Mika moves to Tokyo, to a dream full of adventures and romance... but soon she discovers that under the beautiful surface lies a dangerous city that tries to suck her in. Will Mika survive the dirty business she gets in or will the evil city take her away forever?


1. Destination: A new world

---Chapter 1 --- Destination: A New World ---



The moonlight is crawling on the walls in Mika's room, she watches as the shadows from her furnitures are playing and telling her a story as time goes by. Tick, tock, tick, tock, the room whispers to her every second and the wind outside is calling her name. The world, is calling her name. Mika rolls over again to the other side of the bed, where her cellphone is staring at her. Mika's waiting... It feels like forever, as if this night will never end. The room is getting lighter and a small tint of sunshine is sneaking up through the blinds. Mika is still looking at her cellphone, and then suddenly, the alarm goes off. She smiles and jumps out of her bed. Today is the day. The endless waiting is over, today Mika will move to Tokyo. Today Mika will move to a whole new world. 


---Chapter 1 --- Destination: A New World ---


I called the New World into existence, to redress the balance of the Old.

- George Canning

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