high school and justin bieber

this is a story about a girl named savannah and her best friend Brielle. there seniors at high school and Brielle is all about the new kid coming to there school and Savannah is focused on her academics and doesn't want to bother with this new kid. The new kid id the one and only Justin Bieber. will savannah fall for him? have to find out by reading.


11. rough day

I was so happy that me and Justin were dating but I still haven't told Brie yet and I know she is going to be a little sad but I know she wont show it because she's my best friend. Justin said he was going to drive me to school today which will be good so we can hang out.

Justin: hey are you ready to go?

Savannah: yep lets go

Justin: wont Brie get mad that your leaving her to walk alone?

Savannah: yeah probably but she'll get over it once she finds out were together.

Justin: are you sure we shouldn't just drive her to?

Savannah: fine drive her but I thought we could just hang out.

Justin: there are plenty more times we can hang out I promise.

Savannah: can we just go get her and leave?

Justin: are you ok you seem a little grumpy?

Savannah: its just that it just kicked in that your not just mine your a million other girls including Brie.

Justin: Savannah its going to be fine and why am her to?

Savannah: well when you moved here she wanted to go to prom with you and she thought you and her would fall in love and be together and I said stop wishing because its never going to happen and she really likes you and she's the biggest fan of your I know.

Justin: why didn't you tell me this, that's awful that your doing this to her she's your best friend

Savannah: its not my fault you like me and not her and that I like you, your not just hers its not like she called dibs

Justin: you can walk to school I'm going to drive Brie and say sorry for what you've done bye.

Savannah: Justin but I'm your girlfriend you cant just do this to me, I thought you liked me.

Justin: bye

I cant believe this just happened he chose her over me. I knew I shouldn't have gotten involved with him.

                                                      Justin's pov

I cant believe that she did that to her best friend I need to say sorry to Brie

Justin: hey I am driving you to school today we need to talk.

Brielle: ok were is Savannah?

Justin: that's what we need to talk about

Brielle: ok let go

Justin: ok listen last night Savannah said she would be my girlfriend and I was so happy until this morning

Brielle: what happened?

Justin: she said she just wanted me and her to drive to school and I said we shouldn't just leave Brie to walk by herself she might get mad and she said it was fine but I knew it wasn't so I asked why she wasn't wanting you to drive with us and she said it kicked in that she has to share me with millions of other girls and you.

Brielle: why me?

Justin: that's what I asked and she said that you like me a lot and wanted me and you to fall in love and o to prom and be together and she just said stop wishing it never going to happen and then look what happen I like her.

Brielle: oh

Justin: Brie I am so sorry she did this to you that's the worst thing ever and if I knew she said these things to you I would have never fallen for her.

Brielle: Justin its fine you like her and not me I am perfectly fine with that, I was mad at first but then saw how happy you are when your around her and that's all I want is you to be happy that's all I have ever wanted

Justin: really so you don't get upset when I have a girlfriend?

Brielle: I mean yeah it hurts because I really like you but your happy so that's fine

Justin: you are the amazing

Brielle: aha thanks man, I need you to be with her

Justin: why?

Savannah: before you she never did anything but hang with me and be a  loner but know she cut loose and is having fun and she likes you a lot and you guys deserve each other

Justin: really?

Brielle: yes now go get her and tell her you like her  a lot and your sorry for acting this way

Justin: but I am not sorry

Brielle: do you still like her?

Justin: yes a lot

Brielle: Do you want to loose her?

Justin: no

Brielle: then go

Justin: thank you so much

Brielle: just save it and go

I ran so fast to the bench she was at and I saw her she looked like she was crying and I knew that I made her this way and she is never going to forgive me.

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