high school and justin bieber

this is a story about a girl named savannah and her best friend Brielle. there seniors at high school and Brielle is all about the new kid coming to there school and Savannah is focused on her academics and doesn't want to bother with this new kid. The new kid id the one and only Justin Bieber. will savannah fall for him? have to find out by reading.


3. lunch

I texted Brie that I needed to study for a quiz  so me and Justin could go to my house without her going all fan crazy and saying I told you so. she said it was ok but sounded a little annoyed but that's usually how she is.

Justin: so were do you live?

Savannah: walnut St.

Justin: oh that's cools a

Savannah: were do you live?

Justin: Oakland park way

Savannah: wow that's a good neighborhood

Justin: yeah its pretty good, have you ever been

Savannah: nope I have always lived on this St. its a good place to my house is big

Justin: cool so is mine

Savannah: well that's a shock aha

Justin: really I thought you would know I would be living in a huge nice house since I'm me

Savannah: aha I was being sarcastic, I knew you would be living in a huge house I mean your you like you said.

Justin: yep

Savannah: I have to ask why do you live in a huge house when its only you I mean is it really that necessary?

Justin: wow never got that question from any one before but its a good one, I mean I have the money for it and its nice to have a huge place you can call yours and do whatever you want to it, like I can put a game room a music room a room for all my clothes and stuff but it does get lonely sometimes.

Savannah: yeah that's a good point I guess and yeah I can see you getting lonely but if you ever get lonely you can always come over my house and hang out if you want I get lonely when I'm not hanging out with Brielle she's my best friend the one I told you about.

Justin: yeah thanks for the offer

Savannah: no problem any time

Justin: aha your really fun to be around you know that

Savannah: well thanks you to

Justin: ahahhahaahhaha

Savannah: what?

Justin: I just rememberd I have a car I could have drove us to your house

Savannah: yeah that would have been nice but at least we get to talk more and get to know eachother

Justin: yeah aha

Savannah: well hear we are hoe sweet hom.

I know what your going to say you like him and its clear, but I don't I mean he's a good friend now but that's all I want him to be right now and I wont be falling for him anytime soon. like I said no boys for me equals no broking heart and getting cheated on with Ashley.



A/n sorry such a short chapter but ill post another tomorrow maybe even to. and coent what ever you like and think about the story so far

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