high school and justin bieber

this is a story about a girl named savannah and her best friend Brielle. there seniors at high school and Brielle is all about the new kid coming to there school and Savannah is focused on her academics and doesn't want to bother with this new kid. The new kid id the one and only Justin Bieber. will savannah fall for him? have to find out by reading.


17. justin or austin?

I walked out with Austin and we got in his car and drove off.

Austin: is everything ok?

Savannah: yeah why?

Austin: because I herd yelling then you came and took me to the car and now were driving off

Savannah: Justin Is all mad that I fell asleep and ended up in your arms and its not my fault I fell asleep

Austin: oh well does he hate me?

Savannah: I don't know

Austin: well this week will be fun

Savannah: aha I know

my phone started ringing and it was Justin so I answered it

Savannah: hello

Justin: were are you

Savannah: with Austin

Justin: why?!

Savannah: because you told me to be so I am

Justin: so your with him now

Savannah: yes

Justin: so me and you are done?

Savannah: you told me that my boyfriend is Austin so you know what he is now

Justin: came back so we can talk

Savannah: no I much rather be with him then you

Justin: come on Savannah I didn't really want you to go with him I was just mad and I am so sorry please just come back

Savannah: no Justin you don't get to be like this when your mad

Justin: I am not mad anymore I thought about it and your right you cant control falling asleep

Savannah: I need my space right now to think

Justin: can I talk to him?

Savannah: no bye

and I hung up.

Austin: what did he say?

Savannah: that he was sorry and that I was right that I cant control falling asleep but this is the second time he did something to me and its been  a week of us dating.

Austin: well what was the first thing?

Savannah: he kissed my best friend

Austin: he kissed your best friend and you forgave him?

Savannah: yeah I know I am stupid

Austin: no your not but once some one hurts you like that you cant trust them and that was messed up for him to do that to you

Savannah: I know

Austin: I'm here for you if you need anything

Savannah: thanks Austin

Austin: no problem

I really do like him he's nice and funny and he is just a really good guy. Justin or Austin is the one question I keep asking my self. I need to talk to Brielle.

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