high school and justin bieber

this is a story about a girl named savannah and her best friend Brielle. there seniors at high school and Brielle is all about the new kid coming to there school and Savannah is focused on her academics and doesn't want to bother with this new kid. The new kid id the one and only Justin Bieber. will savannah fall for him? have to find out by reading.


10. getting to know him.

I have to admit I was kind of nervous to see what Justin would say about him waiting for me to decide about being with him or not. when I got to school Justin was sitting on a bench texting I don't think any one else was outside because if there was people they would be attacking him.

Justin: hey guys, umm Brie can I talk to savannah alone please?

Brielle: of course you may.

Savannah: by

Brielle: by see you inside

Savannah: ok

Justin: so I am guessing you didn't get my text from yesterday

Savannah: actually I did

Justin: oh but you didn't answer

Savannah: because Justin this is a thing you need to talk face to face about not through text.

Justin: oh well I'm sorry, what's your answer?

Savannah: its fine don't be sorry but I need some time to think about it because we just met and I barely know a thing about you and you don't know much about me either.

Justin: ok that's perfectly fine take as much time as you need.

Savannah: ok thanks I thought you would be mad aha

Justin: I wouldn't be mad at you for thinking if you do or don't want to be with me I don't want you to feel like you rushed anything.

Savannah: aha yep, so can we hang out tonight maybe go get some food, nothing fancy thought you know how much I hate fancy places.

Justin: know wonder you always eat Wendy's and when I ask you to go to some nice place to hang you say no.

Savannah: see you already learned something about me aha.

Justin: well I guess I did, so what would you like to know about me?

Savannah: save it for tonight.

Justin: whatever you say

Savannah: good ill see you tonight then

Justin: yeah ok I should get to class to see you tonight Savannah.

Savannah: ok bye

he walked away and I am so happy I get to see him tonight I really do like him but like I said I am not the type of girl who goes out with you right away. when I got home from school I changed into some ripped skinny jeans a shirt that has the infinity sign on it and my navy blue toms and curled then ends of my hair I have to admit I looked good. Justin came and picked me up like a gentlemen.

Justin: well you look nice

Savannah: thanks as do you

Justin: yeah I know

Savannah: cocky much

Justin: I was just kidding, but I do like nice most of the time you have to admit.

Savannah: yeah but I look better

Justin: I cant argue about that

Savannah: aha

We got to Wendy's and sat down there was no one but us there and that's really weird because this place is really packed.

Justin: what would you like?

Savannah: umm I'm paying for my food

Justin: no you are not I am paying I am the guy and your the girl

Savannah: ok fine go ahead, by the way its weird this place is empty.

Justin: yeah I kind of paid the lady to close it so we could have a time alone and if there was a lot of people I would get mobbed.

Savannah: oh well I didn't even think about that.

Justin: ha yep

We talked for about three hours then the lady said it was actual closing time and we had to leave so he drove me home and he walked me up to my door.

Justin: I had fun thanks for coming out

Savannah: yes

Justin: yes to what?

Savannah: yes I will be your girlfriend

Justin: really I thought you wanted to get t know me more?

Savannah: I know all hat I need to and also I really like you so I want to be with you

Justin: oh well thanks

he leaned in to kiss me but I moved back.

Justin: why did you move back?

Savannah: its to soon

Justin: oh sorry

Savannah: its ok well I should go thanks again.

Justin: ok ill pick you up for school

Savannah: ok at around 7 though I want to spend some time with you before we have to go inside school

Justin: oky doky


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