high school and justin bieber

this is a story about a girl named savannah and her best friend Brielle. there seniors at high school and Brielle is all about the new kid coming to there school and Savannah is focused on her academics and doesn't want to bother with this new kid. The new kid id the one and only Justin Bieber. will savannah fall for him? have to find out by reading.


26. bye

I woke feeling like everything in my life right now is all wrong. I don't go to school i'm with Justin bieber and I'm probably not going to get into a great college because I don't go t school.

Justin: what are you thinking about?

Savannah: I want to go back home

Justin: wait what?

Savannah: Justin i'm not in school and i'm probably not going tot get into a good college because i'm not in school and I did the worst thing to my best friend by taking the guy she is in love with and not thinking its wrong when its is wrong and i'm not myself lately. I think I should go home.

Justin: i'm sorry this is all my fault I ruined your friendship and your goal of getting into a good college

Savannah: no Justin this is my fault I should've none that going with you on tour was a bad choice

Justin: are you braking up with me?

Savannah: yes I am and i'm sorry I just don't think I'm right for you and I know for a fact that I don't love you and never will.

Justin: well this stinks

Savannah: sorry Justin but I do know the perfect girl for you

Justin: yeah and who's that?

Savannah: Brielle she loves you and she is definitely your type she's fun and would do anything to be on tour with you and she is over the whole fan girl thing so you don't have to worry about that.

Justin: ok well lets send you home and bring her here and I do like her a lot she's cool. and you and Austin make the perfect couple.

Savannah: good because he asked me out and I said yes

Justin: good for you and me and you re going to be friends because I do care about you a lot

Savannah: ok deal

its been a month sense me and Justin broke up and i'm happy with Austin and Brie and Justin are really cute and I got into the best college in La wich is amazing for me!!!!

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