high school and justin bieber

this is a story about a girl named savannah and her best friend Brielle. there seniors at high school and Brielle is all about the new kid coming to there school and Savannah is focused on her academics and doesn't want to bother with this new kid. The new kid id the one and only Justin Bieber. will savannah fall for him? have to find out by reading.


24. bad advise

it was really late at night when I woke up and the plane was in the air. I got up and went to the bathroom. when I walked out Justin was sleeping so I walked into the living room type thing with the seats.

Justin: what are you doing up this late?

Savannah: oh I thought you were sleeping

Justin: I noticed you get up and go to the bathroom and then come out here

Savannah: oh i'm sorry I woke you up

Justin: its fine but are you ok?

Savannah: yep

Justin: then why are you out here and not in there with me?

Savannah: because I woke up and cant sleep

Justin: what's the matter?

Savannah: its nothing against you I just cant sleep i'm not comfortable in there

Justin: oh did I make you uncomfortable?

Savannah: no your fine its the whole sleeping in a plane thing that is weird and I don't really like planes

Justin: why didn't you tell me I could have tried to take a bus

Savannah: we are traveling over seas we need a plane

Justin: oh yeah but i'm sorry I didn't know you didn't like planes

Savannah: its fine

Justin: do you want me to stay out here with you?

Savannah: no you can sleep in there

Justin: i'm not leaving you out here alone in the middle of the night when your afraid of planes and don't feel comfortable

Savannah: ok

I woke up and Justin was still in here.

Justin: hey you awake?

Savannah: yeah

Justin: do you want anything to eat or drink you look pale

Savannah: um yeah that would be nice thanks

Justin: anything for you

Savannah: when are we landing?

Justin: in about an hour

Savannah: good I need off this plane

Justin: oh sorry

Savannah: it not your fault I didn't tell you

Justin: but I still feel bad

my vibrated and I looked down and Austin texted me

Austin: hey what's up I haven't talked to you in a while

Savannah: yeah I know sorry I've just been busy i'm going on tour with Justin

Austin: oh you guys are back together?

Savannah: yep

Austin: cool good for you

Savannah: aha thanks pal

Austin: no problemo

Savannah: any special girl in your life yet?

Austin: nope I have my eye on this one girl but she wont go out with me

Savannah: oh why wont she go out with you?

Austin: she already has a boyfriend

Savannah: oh that stinks i'm sorry

Austin: its fine

Savannah: why don't you try and get her

Austin: wait like try and take her away from her boyfriend?

Savannah: yeah I mean if she knows that you like her then she might like you back I mean who wouldn't your a awesome guy and any girl would be lucky to be with you

Austin: well then Savannah will you go out with me?

I cant believe I just gave him advise to take me away from Justin.


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