What Dreams may come

"What dreams may come" is a fanfiction that describes the live of 17year old Jenerly. She has recently moved to UK together with her best friend, 21year old Jamie. Here, at the south-east coast in Hastings, she gets to know the 5 lads from worldfamous boyband One Direction.
Who will she like? Whom not? Will something happen between Jen and Jamie?
Find out!


1. Prologue

Hey guise, welcome. My name's Jenerly, and I'm 17 years old. With my best friend Jamie and my cat Fiddlesy I'm living in Hastings, south-east coast of the UK. Originally we're both from a little town in Scotland, called Broch-Tuarach, or as we call it - Lallybroch. My parents spent most of their time in Paris or on some Caribic island, what doesn't mean that they're not good parents. I'd say my hair is kinda brown, or mahagoni, your choice, and my eyes are blue, or as I prefer to define the colour: Arctica.
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