What Dreams may come

"What dreams may come" is a fanfiction that describes the live of 17year old Jenerly. She has recently moved to UK together with her best friend, 21year old Jamie. Here, at the south-east coast in Hastings, she gets to know the 5 lads from worldfamous boyband One Direction.
Who will she like? Whom not? Will something happen between Jen and Jamie?
Find out!


2. Chapter 1

What dreams may comWith a sigh I stuff the last towel into our small bathroom wardrobe, then lock the door. It has been a majorly exhausting day, and I really needed some me time, so what would be more perfect than a hot bath? Right when I slip out of my Jeans, I hear Jamie calling my name. "Jen!" "What is it Jamie? Bad timing." I reopen the door and humming I walk down the steps. As I hear a raspy, husky voice saying "So that's you're best friend? Interesting." I freeze and look up. Around Jamie are standing 5 guys, unknown to me, staring at my naked legs. "Ummm Jen... Meet my boys." So this were Jamie's 5 pals he told me about. This doesn't made the moment any less embarassing, but thank god I could remember their names now. I look up at the curly haired one that spoke up. "Harry" Louis next to him raises his eyebrows, so I turn to him. "Louis" Further. "Zayn" "Niall" And last but not least "Liam". They all smile at me and nod friendly, then Niall turns to Jamie. "Guess you told her about us, huh mate?" Instead of Jamie, I'm answering. "He did atleast 200 times. I'm Jenerly." Louis starts giggling, and I fastly look at him. "What's so funny?" "Your name." Jamie next to him slowly lays one hand on his shoulder. "Uuh difficult theme, better change it." Liam smiles at me friendly. "It's a beautiful and unique name! It fits you. Is there any story behind it?" A bit surprised I look up at him. "Yeah there actually is one. It's a combination of my parents best friend's names." He walks a bit towards me and separates him from the other boys which start loudly talking about some soccer game. "Which are those names?" "Jensen and Kimberly." "I really like it, you gotta be lucky about such a name!" Thankfully I look into his soft brown eyes. "Thanks. Well, most people like to say my parents were drunken when they called me Jenerly." His gaze nails mine as he says the next words. "Well I'd say that those people have never heard a name as beautiful as yours so they don't know how to react!" Immediatly the moment is gone, and I really have the feeling that I had just imagined the way he looked at me. "I.. Wow. I guess noone ever said that about my name." Suddenly we both shrug when Harry appears next to Liam. "Yeah Liam, she really was a compliment virgin before." He starts giggling. "Totally funny." Pissed of that Harry interrupts us, I walk towards the stairs. As I reach them, someone grabs my arm. As I turn around, I see that it's Liam. "I.. Goodnight." Shy he smiles at me, and I also have to smile. "Goodnight Liam." ************ Jamie's P.O.V. As the boys are finally gone, I knock on Jen's door. "Come in Jamie." She's sitting on her bed, her diary on her lap and wearing her pj. "Hi gorgeous." "Hey." As I clear my throat, she looks up. "What?" "Liam gave me something for you." As I see a smile lightening up her face, I feel a little stitch in my heart. "Yeah?" I just nod and hand her the little note with his number. She looks on it for a moment, then looks up at me. "Thanks Jamie." "You're welcome." "Hey, you wanna sit a while with me?" "Sure why not." As I sit down, she lays her head onto my shoulder, the same way she'd done it for years. "J?" "Yup?" she asks. "What's goin' on between Liam and you." After a moment she lifts her head and her iceblue eyes look directly into mine. "Nothing." "Really?" "I promise. He seems to be nice, but I only know him for today right. And I'd always tell you, eh bostin' skip? (best friend on scottish)." Jenerly leans in and pulls me into a tight hug. "Yaouw ood always does. (You would always do.)" ********Next day*********** Jen's P.O.V. As I wake up, the first thing I see is Jamie's gorgeous face, lightened up by the sun. It made his red hair shine like flames, and even though he was at least 6.4 ft tall, the sleep made him look much smaller and younger than his actual 21 years. While I'm still looking at Jamie's face, I start to think about everything that had happened in the last time. It was a good decision to move to UK with Jamie. I would finally learn to grow up in another environment than Lallybroch or Inverness - Scotland in General -, and it made me and Jamie become even better friends. But still, it had his negative sides. Sometimes I really had the feeling that Jamie had a little crush on me, and since we were here, the feeling got stronger. After all, I didn't knew what to do. The only one here I knew was Candice, Jensen and Kimberly's daughter. I've known her as long as I knew Jamie, but she would only be here in about 1 week. »Well, I guess until I can meet up with her, I should try to work out my feelings.«
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