Winter's Forest

There once kingdom called Libertas, who was ruled by a beautiful Queen, but when war breaks out she is defeated and is forced to hand over her first born child to her enemy. Under the influence of a powerful warlock she cannot have any more children and without an heir she panics. So she seeks the help of a high priestess who tells her to venture to the bottom of one of the two mountains that conceals Libertas from the cruel world, and to plant a seed and every day water it with her own blood. After a month she will receive a son and she names him Alecandas. But when Alecandas acknowledges he has a sister he sets off on a quest to find his sister, who is also planning to assassinate him...


2. The Battle Of The Kingdoms

Alas not even the fair Queen of Libertas could live without the presence of an enemy. At the very sunrise of her crowning, there was a great battle between two kingdoms. Neither could be separated into the good or evil categories. Yet it was extremely obvious which would have a future in the evil way of life.


The opposing kingdom was built entirely of stone over an extremely active volcano. They called this hell of a kingdom Ignisa which in their language, which is all too similar to Latin, means fire.


Unlike Libertas, Ignisa had no mercy, no love for their ruler. It barely could sustain life because of its stone cracking heat that came in huge waves over the city like a tsunami. But unless suicide was in mind, Ignisa was a replica of the underworld and should have its blinding fires quickly extinguished.


But Ignisa’s worst was not at all the huge tidal waves of lava that brought the kingdom to its knees, nor was it the merciless ways of the kingdom. It was their ruler. Amasdarce. Legend has it that he wore a mask of iron to conceal his hacked face. Legend has it that he wiped out a whole kingdom just for sport. Legend has it that he was the most hated creature in the history of time itself.


But your question must be “How did this war begin?” Well the answer to the question is power. At the time Libertas was the most powerful kingdom in all the lands. And Amasdarce wanted that power. The only way he could take on the kingdom without a war would be through marriage.


So Amasdarce had a messenger sent to Libertas to request the Queens presence at a great feast where Amasdarce would confront the Queen.


Unfortunately for Amasdarce, the Queen refused his offer of marriage, which enraged the wicked king, causing him to send a great army to the gates of Libertas. And there The Battle of the Kingdoms endured, lasting just over twenty years before the two kingdoms’ finally came to an agreement. And alas the Queen being as powerful and great as she was, she was losing the battle and was forced to agree to whatever price the King requested. And the favour he requested broke the Queens heart. He demanded her first born child. But she could not refuse this offer no matter how much she wished she could, or Libertas would turn into another replica of the underworld. So the king had his slaves dig tunnels under both of the kingdoms, which were miles long. Connecting both, so the king could retrieve the child safely and without to much attention from the bordering Kingdoms. And he named this child after the mother of demons. He named this child, Lilith.

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