Winter's Forest

There once kingdom called Libertas, who was ruled by a beautiful Queen, but when war breaks out she is defeated and is forced to hand over her first born child to her enemy. Under the influence of a powerful warlock she cannot have any more children and without an heir she panics. So she seeks the help of a high priestess who tells her to venture to the bottom of one of the two mountains that conceals Libertas from the cruel world, and to plant a seed and every day water it with her own blood. After a month she will receive a son and she names him Alecandas. But when Alecandas acknowledges he has a sister he sets off on a quest to find his sister, who is also planning to assassinate him...


3. Long lost siblings

It had been almost seventeen years since the Queen had departed with her child. But as time passed the Queen slowly lost all hope that one day she would be united with her stolen kin.


Things had only begun to return to as normal as a dying kingdom could be ten years ago. Amasdarce had used Lilith against the Queen, threatening to disembody her limbs and finally return them to her biological mother. But as time went on, Amasdarce had no use for the dying kingdom he had reduced Libertas to.


Under the influence of an evil and powerful warlock, the Queen could not conceive another child.  It was cruel but the king thought it was necessary; it would leave the kingdom without an heir when they needed one desperately.


Despite Amasdarce’s power and wealth, he lacked the ability to understand love for ones child. After years of research and magic, the Queen finally acknowledged a way to conceive a child, even if it not be naturally.


The Queen was advised by a high priestess by the name of Kamilia, to venture down to the bottom of mount Lucinda on the fifth day of the fifth month, and to plant a seed at the very roots of the mountain.  She told the Queen to water the seed everyday with blood from her own veins and in a month she would receive a son.


The Queen left with no other options, followed Kamilia’s instructions and was amazed coming Junea, when a beautiful young man with similar features to her, showed up at her withering palace, claiming to be her son.


Of course the Queen welcomed him with welcoming arms. “All these years of pain have brought me a son, yet I somehow feel that I am not deserving of you my son, I could have saved Lilith” She cried.

“Mother you have paid a big enough debt; no amount of ransom could have save my sisters already sealed fate my Queen”

“Son you need not call me that, nor by my name, Elsa, but call me as your mother, and I in return shall call you Alecandas, a great name deserving of an even greater warrior” The Queen smiled, gently caressing her sons angelic features. “I cannot refuse a request from my mother, after you went through what one could refer to as hell to bring me life”

“I prey that some day we can unite with Lilith and finally be referred to as a family, alas I fear we are not yet whole my son” The Queen whimpered with sad eyes.

“Then I shall grant you your wish mother, for your sadness triggers my own, I shall set off in a months time to find Lilith, although it is hardly appropriate to call her my sister as I am not of her blood, but she is no less your daughter than I am your son. And she deserves to be with her one and true family” Alecandas promised.

“Those are the qualities of a true king, but I fear your time will come sooner than later, I grow old Alecandas , but I hope I can see my kin once before I pass to Caelestisa, but I fear this is to much to ask of you my son” The Queen began.

“Then it is done mother, I shall depart before the Gods of Julya announce the new month” Alecandas decided and kissed the back of his mothers hand with affection. The Queen try as she might, could not convince her stubborn son out of his quest, but she was secretly hopeful that he would finally return Lilith to her waiting arms, and her family could be whole again.

But she knew Lilith wouldn’t ever be the daughter she imagined, her daughter with her feline eyes and warm heart. The real Lilith would be just as dark as her father, stone cold and boiling with hatred. Evil had turned her daughter into a monster, Elsa had heard stories about her cruelty, but she dare not tell Alecandas, although she was ashamed by Lilith, she loved her as much as she loved Alecandas and wished no harm to come to her, even if it killed her. She knew if Alecandas found his sister he would be disappointed, vengeful for the pain she inflicted on his people. She couldn’t bare that thought, she straightened her silk dress and gave her son a lovingly smile. She had lost Lilith to evil; she would not lose her son to the same cause.


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