What to do

Got inspiration from a fan fic called "Little Things (16+)" it was amazing and it inspired me. So this one is just of my own creations that I did. Hope you enjoy!! :-)


12. Why

I looked at Harry shocked, he wants me to marry him?! I don't know what to do. I want to but I don't think I'm ready. "Let me think about it Harry," I say. "OK take your time babe," He says kissing me on the cheek. He's clearly disappointed. We open presents and Liam pulls out keys and throws them to me. "You got me a car?!" I ask stunned. "Yup it's back at the house right now so you'll have to wait to see it." He says smiling. I go over to him and give him a big kiss on the cheek. Zayn hands me a box, I gently shake it and it's something big inside. I open it to find his face staring at me. I take it out and all the boy's faces are in there. I look at Zayn in confusion. "It's stickers for your car," He chuckles. "Ohhh thanks Zayn!" I say and give him a hug. Niall comes over and tells me to close my eyes, I do and I hear something being set in front of me. Then I feel something cold go around my neck. "OK you can open now," he says. I open my eyes and a diamond necklace is resting on my neck. I pick up the middle one to examine it and there is an engraving on the back. 

You don't know your beautiful -Niall. 

I feel myself tear up and I laugh when I see a Nando's gift card on the table in front of me. I pull Niall in for a big hug. "Thanks so much Ni," I choke out, tears now flowing down my face. "No problem Mariah," he says. "My turn!" Lou almost shouts. "Of course, how could I have forgotten," I chuckle. He hands me two boxes, ones wrapped and the other one isn't. "Hmmm which one to open first," I say pondering what they could be. I go for the unwrapped one and I find a silver bracelet, it also is engraved.

Your best friend forever and always -Louis "The Tommo" Tomlinson

"Aww thanks Lou!" I say truly touched. I open the second one and it's an IPhone! "Thanks Lou! Now I can finally get rid of my lame phone!" I say giggling. I give him a hug too and realize it's Harry's turn. He hands me a little box, "I think you know what it is," he says with a "trying to look happy but I'm dying inside" look. I take the box and open it and gasp. Its the biggest diamond I have ever seen, I take it out to examine it and I side it on, perfect fit. I put it back in the box and look at Harry. He's smiling but I can tell something's wrong. I go over and plant a lingering kiss on his lips. I pull away and rest my forehead on his, "Just because I have to think doesn't mean I don't love you more than the world," I whisper. He nods and I hold his hand. After we eat, we head back to the house. I'm bouncing the whole way, excited to see my car. We pull in and I gasp, it's a lime green Porsche Cayman S. "Liam!! Your amazing!!" I hug him then run over to it. After examining it for a while we head inside. I go up to my room with my stuff and sit on the bed and think. Me, get married? I'm completely not ready. I can't, but I can't hurt Harry. Tears spill over my face when I hear a knock at my door. "One second," I call as I quickly wipe the tears away. I run to the door and open it to find Harry. Before I can say anything he pulls me in and kisses me hard. I kiss him back and wrap my arms around his neck and run my fingers through his hair. He pulls away and leaves. I close the door and lay down on the bed. I think to myself, "I can't do this.... I'm leaving. Tonight" 

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