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Got inspiration from a fan fic called "Little Things (16+)" it was amazing and it inspired me. So this one is just of my own creations that I did. Hope you enjoy!! :-)


10. Uh Oh

Mariah's POV. 

They take my hands again and lead me forward, I stumble a bit. "Can someone carry me? I really don't want to fall." I sigh, not trusting my feet. I feel someone pick me up and I feel their hair to find that it's Niall carrying me. "Thanks Ni," I smile. "No probelm," He chuckles. After a bit he sets me down, "You ready?" Harry whispers in my ear. I nod and smile at the thought of what my surprise could be. Harry starts to take the blindfold off and I can't stand still. Once it's off I look at them confused, "Why are we at the mall?" I ask hoping I didn't sound ungrateful. " We closed the entire building off so we could shop, and you can have anything you want. We cleaned out all your clothes back at home and we are going to buy you new ones," Niall explains to me. I look at them with wide eyes, "Are you serious?! Thanks sooo much guys!" I run off into a Rock Candy store and start to explore. All of a sudden, the boys come in and they are riding bikes that are way too small for them and wearing weird hats. Harry slaps my butt as he passes and I jump on the back of Zayn's bike and tell him to get Harry. Zayn catches up with him and I tackle Harry off of his bike. I kiss him quick then run off again. He chases me and (me being a slow runner) he gets me quick then spins me around so I'm facing him. I kiss him again then walk off to do some shopping. I bought at least one thing from every store and I am the happiest person alive right now. "Boys, I'm ready how about you?" I call into the place I left them last, but no answer. I start to panic, "Harry?! Louis?! Niall?! Liam?! Zayn?!" I call and call but no answer.


Hey guys sorry for such a short chapter but I'm having writers block on this one. Trust me I'll update as soon as I get an idea! thanks for the views and comments! Love you all! 

xoxoxoxo - Mariah

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