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Got inspiration from a fan fic called "Little Things (16+)" it was amazing and it inspired me. So this one is just of my own creations that I did. Hope you enjoy!! :-)


1. The Shocker

Its the last day of school, Liz and I are cleaning out our lockers when I find a picture. I'm in it, and so is someone else. I quickly throw it away in the trash face down, making sure Liz doesn't see it. " I'm so excited to be done with high school Mari!" She says to me, using her nickname for my already unique name. My name is Mariah Ashley Mann, I'm 18 ( just finished high school),  I'm 5'7 with short brown hair, grayish blue eyes and a nice thin body which I proudly own.  I'm big into music but I'm not one of those fan girls, I don't have millions of boy band posters on my wall or really any posters at all. Just a few of my paintings and some that my friends have done. I bet you're wondering, "what's this girls problem?" Well I'll tell you. Last summer is when met one of the most famous boy bands in the world, One Direction. Harry and I fell for each other and then he dumped me for some girl who he met online. Figures, the best looking and most famous guy in the world, falls for someone online. So yeah we are done, he keeps trying to get me back now that the girl (who turned out to be a guy) and him are over. But I know his rep, he's a player and I fell victim to his seductive ways, and I'm not getting hurt again. No one knows about this except me and the band, and I'd like to keep it that way.

But anyway, back to Liz. "Ya I know right, too many bad memories and heartaches" I reply rolling my heavily make-uped eyes. "But also some good ones and blossoming love" she reminds me. Her and her boyfriend have been going out since freshman year. "Ya ya whatever" I say then shut my locker and walk out of the high school for the last time. As soon as I'm out the door my phone rings, the caller ID reads "Tommo". I pick it up and yell "LOU!!!!!" Into the phone, "RI!!!" He yells back. Louis Tomlinson is my favorite of the band, he's like the brother I have always wanted. "How have you been?! I've missed you sooo much!" I ask still smiling. "I've missed you too, love! I've been good how have you been?" He replies. "I've been hanging in there" I say, remembering the nightmares, "How are the boys?"  I ask trying to get the images of my dreams out of my head. "Niall is at Nando's right now picking us up lunch,""Big surprise" I chuckle. "I know right," he laughs, "Zayn is......not sure but he's been good, Liam is reading a book right now," "Life As We Knew It!" I hear him shout in the background. "Oh I loved that one!! I can't believe everyone one dies!" I yell back trying to sound as serious as possible. "WHAT?!" He says sounding sad and mad. "Just kidding" I manage to get out before laughing hard. "No fair!" He yells sounding mad but I can hear him laughing too. "How's El?" I ask Lou. "She's amazing and beautiful," he says sighing. "That's good, I miss our shopping trips," I reply. "Hey, why don't you and El come and visit?" I ask hopeful. "Great idea! Can the lads come too?" He asks getting excited. My heart sinks but I trust him and I notice how he hasn't said anything about Harry. "Sure," I say using as much enthusiasm as possible. "Don't worry I'll keep Harry off your back," he reassures me. "You know me so well Lou," I smile. "I know," he says and I can tell he's smiling too, "I've got to go love, photo shoot, but text me OK?" "Sure thing Tommo, have fun!" I say. "I will!" He tells me. "Bye!" I say even though I hate goodbyes. "Bye!" He shouts before I hang up. It was nice to hear his voice.


I head home and see a car in my driveway that isn't mine and there is caution tape surrounding my house.....along with tons of policemen. I run over, "What happened?" I shout. "Calm down Miss, this is classified information," he tells me. "This is my house!" I yell, scared out of my mind. I feel tears streaming down my face as he says, "Oh, well I'm sorry Miss but your parents have been killed." I feel lighted headed and I feel my legs start to wobble as I fall to the ground and black out.

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