What to do

Got inspiration from a fan fic called "Little Things (16+)" it was amazing and it inspired me. So this one is just of my own creations that I did. Hope you enjoy!! :-)


2. The Boys

I wake up to a beeping noise, probably a heart monitor. My eyes flutter open to see the Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry all asleep in chairs and Louis holding my hand and looking at me. I hold one finger to my mouth, telling him not to talk too loud. "Lou!" I whisper, happy to see him. He hugs me and I hug back trying not to mess up the tubes and wires on me. "We heard about your parents and came straight here. But they told us you were in the hospital so the lads and I came to see you" he tells me. "Ya I fainted I guess," I say and I feel the tears streaming down my face again. "I'm real sorry about your parents Ri, I know how close you all were," he whispers. I grab his hand and squeeze it tight then wipe the tears away. Right then the doctor comes in, "Hello Miss Mann, my name is Dr. Read. I hear you had quite a fall, would you mind telling me what happened?" He says with that "not really interested but I have to ask" look on his face. "Its nothing too big, I just fainted." I tell him, avoiding my parents completely until he says "Oh well, why don't I call your parents." "They died today, I came home and that's what the police told me," I manage to get out before the tears come again. "Oh well do you have a place to stay?" He asks. "With us," Louis chimes in. I look at him and mouth "Thank you" to him and he nods in response. "OK well you should be good to go later today, just get some rest in the mean time," the doctor says looking at Louis. "Will do," I roll my eyes as he leaves the room.


By now the boys are awake and they all come over and give me a hug. "Hey guys," is all I get out before Zayn tackle hugs me and I start laughing. "Missed you too Zayn," I laugh. "Pleasent doctor," Liam chuckles. "Exactly," I chuckle too. "Niall, why do I smell Nando's?" I ask. He holds out a bag and it reads "Nando's" on it. "This is why we get along!" I say excited because its been forever since I've had Niall's favorite food. "Hello Mariah," Harry pipes in out of no where. "Hello Hazza" I sigh. He comes over and we awkwardly shake hands. "When do we get to take you home?" Niall asks excitedly. "Later today," I reply sighing. "Niall, Liam and Zayn, you should go get Mariah's stuff," Louis suggests. "Ya cause by the time your done I should be out of here," I laugh. Even I know I have way to much stuff. "OK well see you soon!" Liam calls as they leave. I wave then close my eyes, immediately falling asleep. 



I'm wandering around my room when I see blood, everywhere. I step toward the door and trip, landing in a big blood puddle. I look to see what I tripped over and my body is there, blood drained completely out of me. Then I see my parents, bloodless as well, and the boys, the same thing with them. I try to stand up but I'm bound and I try to scream but there is duck tape covering my mouth. Then he comes in, this man who's face I never see, comes and kneels down, straddling me. He whispers in my ear, "Goodnight, savor the light, because as of right now, you will never wake up." He then raises the knife in his hand and plunges it into my heart.


I wake up thrashing around and I open my eyes and gasp for air. Louis is there watching me with a scared look on his face. "Mariah, are you OK?" He urgently asks. Still gasping I reply, "Ya. Just...(gasp) a bad (gasp) dream." The tears flow as I try to push away the nightmare. 

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