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Got inspiration from a fan fic called "Little Things (16+)" it was amazing and it inspired me. So this one is just of my own creations that I did. Hope you enjoy!! :-)


4. Oh My Gosh

I wake up in a nice king sized bed and a pair of eyes stairing at me. I jump and realize its just Harry's cat. I get out of bed and head to the bathroom (which happens to be in my room) and take a shower. I'm just getting in when I hear a knock in the door. I quickly wrap a towel around myself and open the door a crack to find Harry standing there. "Umm, hi," I say feeling awkward. "Can we talk?" he asks. "Ya let me just finish my shower," I start to close the door but he stops it."This can't wait," he says before coming in. I just stand there in a towel and blush like there is no tomorrow. "Oh, uhh I'll go get you a bathrobe," he says then walks out. He quickly returns and I run into the bathroom and put it on. When I come out, he's sitting on the bed waiting. I go over and sit on the bed next to him. "So, what's on your mind?" I ask. He starts to say something but he pulls me in for a hug, and to my surprise I hug him back. We just sit there and hug for a while but I don't mind. It feels good, hugging him. I feel safe in his arms. When he lets go, we just look at each other until I hear another knock on the door. "Come in!" I shout. Louis walks in and smiles. "Breakfast is served my lady," He says while bowing. I giggle, "Ok well I need to finish my shower and get dressed so you two, out!" I grin. I push them out the door but whisper in Harry's ear, "We will talk later." He nods as I shut the door and return to my shower. 


After I get dressed in my favorite ripped short shorts and my lacy rock tee, I head out to the kitchen running cause I smell bacon. I skid trying to stop but I end up crashing into the couch and I flip over the back and landing on my butt on the floor. Everyone rushes over to see if I'm ok "Oh my gosh! Mariah are you ok?" Niall says. I burst out laughing and literally ROTFL and they laugh with me. I get up and make my way over to the bacon and just take the whole plate and sit on the couch and turn on the t.v. Just as I thought, they all came over and sat around me so they could eat the bacon too. Liam tries to grab a piece but I smack his hand away and say "Mine!" and we all laugh. I really did miss them, even if Harry was included in that. I feel tears run down my cheeks and quickly wipe them away so no one could tell. But Zayn saw and he gets this grin that has always made me worry. "LAST ONE IN THE POOL HAS TO DO THE LAUNDRY!" He shouts. I quickly get up and book it outside. I find the pool and cannon ball in and to my pleasure, I'm the first one in. We all jump in fully clothed and Zayn himself is the last one to jump in the pool. We all laugh at the irony and then I get out and find the nearest towel and pull it around me. Luckily there are beach chairs here so I go and sit on one and shiver. Harry comes out and sits next to me. "Hey," We both say at the same time and we both chuckle. "Lets go inside, you look frozen," He says. "Ok," I get up and let him put his arm around me and we walk inside. Something about him has changed, he's not as cocky anymore. He's gentle and caring and I think I'm falling for him again. Wait.. no I'm not going there again. This could just be a cover up and he could go back to his old self at any time. Don't get too attached. He leads me into my room and I grab my clothes and go in the bathroom and change. When I come out he's over by the window looking out. I go and lay on the bed and he comes over and sits next to me. "I've missed you" he says almost in a whisper. So much for not getting attached. "Me too," I reply, surprising myself. What surprises me is how true it is. I've spent all this time being mad and hurt at how he dumped me but I never really figured that it was because I missed him. I sit up and he comes closer, he caresses my face and I feel my heart beat ten times faster. That's when I realized, I still love him. 

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