What to do

Got inspiration from a fan fic called "Little Things (16+)" it was amazing and it inspired me. So this one is just of my own creations that I did. Hope you enjoy!! :-)


11. Mystery

I run around and check every single store. I even go into the boy's bathrooms (I'm regretting it now). I run outside to see that their car is still there. What is going on? I sit in front of the car and cry. I've lost them and I don't know how to get back. My phone beeps and I check it. Its Harry. 

Harry: Where are you?! Your not in the store, I've checked everywhere! 

Me: What do you mean where am I?! I've been looking for you and I can't find you or the boys! I'm outside by the car crying my eyes out!

Harry: Really? Lou just checked there and he didn't see you. We are headed out now. 

Me: Hurry.

They come running out and I run into Harry's arms and cry. He holds me tight and kisses my hair. The boys hug me too. We laugh it off when we explain all that's happened to each other and then we load my stuff into the car. "Nando's anyone?" Harry asks. "Yes!" We all say at the same time. Once at Nando's we file out of the car and into the building. "So Mariah, do you know what today is?" Niall asks me. I rummage through my head to try and come up with the answer. "Uhhhh National Nando's day?" I ask chuckling. "No," Niall laughs too as he snaps his fingers. All the wait staff comes out with balloons and a cake that reads "Happy Birthday Mariah!" I mentally kick myself. Just a week ago I was running around my house saying "I'm almost 19!!" "Crap I can't believe I forgot! Thanks guys so much!" I say blushing. "Awwe cute, she's blushing," Zayn says in a taunting tone. I stick my tongue out at him and he giggles. The cake is placed in front of me and I think of a wish, but I can't think of one. I push the cake over to Harry. "I have everything I could ever want, a boyfriend, great friends and a family within it. You make a wish," I say tearing up with happy tears. He closes his eyes and blows out the candles. We all clap and laugh. "You want to know what I wished for?" Harry smiles. "No! Its supposed to be a secret!" Louis protests. "Well too bad," Harry winks at him. He turns to me, "I wished that you would marry me."

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