What to do

Got inspiration from a fan fic called "Little Things (16+)" it was amazing and it inspired me. So this one is just of my own creations that I did. Hope you enjoy!! :-)


7. Mariah's Surprise

Harry's POV.

I run to the bathroom and see Ri on the floor unconcious. "Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam!!! Come quick!!" I yell as I wrap her in the bathrobe. They come running in the room and when they see her, Lou helps me carry her and the rest of them go get the car. Once we are all in the car we head to the hospital with Lou driving while I'm holding her close. "What happened?" Niall asks. "I don't know, I woke up and heard the water running and I figured she was taking a shower until I heard her scream." I explain. "Weird," Liam says, trying to figure it out. We get to the hospital and run her in. The doctors see us and they take Ri and put her on a stretcher and take her into a X-Ray room. The lads and I sit and wait, well they sit and Lou and I pace. A nurse comes out and says, "Anyone here for a Miss Mariah Ashley Mann?" We all walk towards her and she give a funny look, probably cause we are 5 guys coming to see one girl. She leads us to her room and Ri is on one of the beds and is still unconcious. "Who is responsible for her?" The nurse asks. I step forward and say "I am." " Will the rest of you please leave? I need to talk to this gentleman alone," She says. The lads give me a funny look and leave reluctantly. Once they leave, she turns to me. "Well some congradulations are in order," She smiles and shakes my hand. "What do you mean?" I ask confused. "She's pregnant," She explains. I sit down and run my fingers through my hair. "Pregnant?" I ask myself as the boys come in. "I'll leave you all alone," The nurse says and walks out. "Whats wrong mate?" Lou asks, worried. "She pregnant," I say, almost in a whisper. "Harry! That's great! I'm so happy for you guys!" Zayn basically shouts. "Shhhh! Don't wake her up!" I whisper. I walk over and hold Ri's hand. A soft cough escapes her lips before she opens her eyes.


Mariah's POV.

I open my eyes to Harry holding my hand and the rest of the boys standing around me. "This is going to be my home soon if I keep getting hurt" I say in a raspy voice. Harry chuckles and moves my hair out of my face, "Mariah, your pregnant" He smiles and kisses my forehead. "What?!" I almost shout, almost because my voice hurts. "Ya that's what the nurse said. We are expecting our first child." He says looking straight into my eyes. "Harry can I have a second alone with Lou? I just need to talk to him for a second." I ask. He looks and me funny then nods, "Ok." They leave and Lou walks over to me, "Lou, what do I do? I love Harry but I know I'm not ready to have a kid," I say as the tears stream down my face. He holds my hand and squeezes it. "You'll be fine Mariah, trust me. And about Harry......well, don't tell him because it may hurt him and I've always got your back no matter what happens with him." He comforts me. "Ok, thanks Lou." I reply. Harry and everyone comes back in and he sits back down in his same spot. After the doctor talks to me about pregnancy stuff, I get to go home and rest. The car ride was awkward but as soon as I am back, I go up to my room and lock the door and cry. After a while I hear a soft knock on my door, I get up and open it slowly to find Harry with a worried look on his face. Without thinking I fling myself at him and just cry in his arms. He picks me up and sets me on the bed then lays down next to me and I fall asleep , crying in his arms. 

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