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Got inspiration from a fan fic called "Little Things (16+)" it was amazing and it inspired me. So this one is just of my own creations that I did. Hope you enjoy!! :-)


6. Harry

We race to Lou's car and drive to the hospital. We practically run to the front desk. "Hello, we are here to see Mr. Harry Styles," I say trying to stay calm. "Oh yes, you look like his band mates. He's room 318 on the 3rd floor. The elevators are to your right," She says smiling. "Thank you!" I manage before we all take off towards the elevators. Once we got in, none of us could stand still. I am pacing, then Lou stops me and pulls me in for a hug. We don't let go until the elevator stops. We walk, so afraid of what condition he is in. When we find his room, we open the door then slowly walk in. I sigh in relief, he only has a few stitches and some bruises. But he's in a coma. I go over and hold his hand as the tears stream down my face. "No! I'm not losing you too," I mumble to myself. That's when he opens his eyes. He turns to look at me and smiles. "Harry!" I whisper. "Hey Ri," He smiles, his dimples showing. He caresses my face and I lean my head into his hand and we stay like that for a while. The doctors let him go but I don't. I'm by his side until we get home. He runs to the bathroom so I just sit on the bed and wait. When he comes back he lays down on the bed and I cuddle up to him. He wraps his arms around me and we both fall asleep, never saying a word because there is nothing to be said, other than what we already know. We love each other and we always will.


Harry's POV.

I wake up to hear the shower running and I smile. That's when I hear a scream.


A/N Hey guys! Thanks for the views!!! Sorry this is short but I'm having writters block right now plus I'm pretty busy but I will update ASAP!! Thanks again and I'd love some feedback on how I'm doing! -Author



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