What to do

Got inspiration from a fan fic called "Little Things (16+)" it was amazing and it inspired me. So this one is just of my own creations that I did. Hope you enjoy!! :-)


5. Confused

Harry's POV. 

She is so beautiful. Just the feel of her silky smooth skin lights my heart (and other places) on fire. I love her with all my heart, maybe I can make her see just how much. I lean in to kiss her and to my surprise she meets me half way and she wraps her arms around me and pulls me on top of her. I skim my hands up and down her sides and down her leg. Our breathing gets heavier as she throws off our clothes and one thing leads to the next. Lets just say we both end up panting like mad. "I love you," I whisper in her ear. "I love you too," she replies and falls asleep with me right behind her.


Mariah's POV. 

I wake up with Harry still sleeping by my side. The memories of last night flooding my mind as I get up and take a shower. I take my time letting the water run over me. When I get out I find that Harry's gone, I quickly get dressed in my favorite strapless sundress and head down stairs. "Well look who's up!" Lou smiles. I walk over and hug him, "Good morning," I say with a smile. "Ri!" I hear Zayn, Niall and Liam shout. The all come over and bear hug me at the same time. "Uh guys, a little squished here!" I laugh. "Right, sorry!" Liam laughs too. I pull up my dress that had started to slip down and search for Harry, but not seeing him. "Harry went to town to grab us breakfast," Niall explains. "Oh OK." I say trying not to sound like I care. Just then Lou's phone rings. "Hello?" He says in his cheery voice. "WHAT? OK we will be there soon!" He basically shouts into the phone. He hangs up and looks at us. "What is it tommo?" Zayn asks. "Harry was in a car crash. We need to get there pronto!" He yells.


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