Life as we knew it

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  • Published: 20 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2013
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Thousands of years into the future the gates of hell are reopened in an attempt to wipe out the human race for good. But God divides some of his powers between five teenagers in order to save His world. They must destroy the creatures sent from hell but it won't be easy since they are already dead.


4. The war of the worlds




         After hours of searching, they found nothing, so they decided that they would travel the distance by foot. An extremely dangerous option. It was best to stay away from roads, which would be likely spots for danger. 

        The four of them trudged through, a seemingly endless, thick forest, without any hassle, but that all changed once they emerged. A scene, that belonged in a horror movie awaited them. A small village, or what was once a village, stood before them, burning at the merciless hands of monstrous beasts from Hell. Chloe found herself gagging uncontrollably along with the others, as the smell of smoke wafted towards them in a sudden gust of wind. They could also hear the sound of panicked screams along with gunfire coming from the ruins of the village.

        The four of them sprinted towards the cries. As they approached, Chloe realized that some of the villagers were fighting back. Some had guns or knives, and others, she wasn't sure if they were brave or stupid, fought with their bare fists. Others were attempting to escape, but none of the villagers, whether they were fighting or fleeing, seemed to be successful.

         The group stood there, paralysed for a moment, before they took action. The creatures turned to fight back, since the four of them were a much greater threat than the villagers. One creature fired a single beam of flame at Tyler with impossible accuracy. A bloodcurdling scream escaped his lips as he crumpled to the ground, his face contorted in excruciating pain.

        "No!" Rochelle screamed, rushing towards him.

         Chloe killed the beast in a burst of pure rage. Chloe continued firing until every creature was eradicated. She then joined the other two who were trying desperately to comfort Tyler.

       "It's going to be alright," Daniel said. But as much they hated to believe it they all knew he was wrong. Tyler was a mess, at least half of his body had been severely burned. Tears were pouring down their cheeks as Tyler lay there dying. Finally he lost his fight for life and the lights left his eyes. Rochelle sobbed and reached over, gently closing his eyes, almost making it look like he was sleeping. Chloe burned a hole in the ground and they placed his lifeless body carefully inside it. Rochelle  filled the hole. They walked away in silence towards their school, which was still a fair distance away.

    They progressed through fields, until it became dark. Chloe lit a small for fire for warmth and then exhaustion took over and they dozed off.

    They were awoken by a faint rustling nearby. It was a rabbit. Chloe killed and cooked it with one small beam of fire. The three of them devoured the meal eagerly since they hadn't eaten since the previous morning. After the rabbit was consumed, they walked towards the school, which was quite near now.

       They felt massive relief as the school came into sight. After a few minutes they stood outside the main entrance to the school. Daniel cautiously twisted the knob and pushed the door inwards. They  gasped in relief at the empty hall. They crept in, quietly closing the door behind them. They tiptoed silently through the hall and Chloe's heart was beating so loud, she was sure that the others could hear it. They turned down a narrow corridor, and the huge hole, that the creatures of Hell had appeared through earlier, lay before them. Chloe took a shaky breath and followed the others down. At the bottom, there was a tiny passageway, and they were forced to crawl to get through. 

     Finally the tunnel got wider and they found themselves staring at the Gates of Hell.   


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