Life as we knew it

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  • Published: 20 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2013
  • Status: Complete
Thousands of years into the future the gates of hell are reopened in an attempt to wipe out the human race for good. But God divides some of his powers between five teenagers in order to save His world. They must destroy the creatures sent from hell but it won't be easy since they are already dead.


1. The gates of hell are open




       Satan sat on his flaming throne and smiled. Tonight was the night, he would open the Gates and release his demons into Earth. He would destroy every living soul until they all belonged to him. He grinned staring out into the fiery depths of hell as it prepared for the battle ahead. A knock on the door distracted him.

  "Come in," he snarled, his deep husky voice echoing through the room. A hooded figure stood before him. Death himself.

  "We're ready," he whispered.

       Satan smiled to himself. "Then open the gates."


      Chloe Smith was quite plain, with short auburn hair and brilliant green eyes.                                         

She sat under a tree, finishing an assignment for her next class. It was a beautiful sunny day and she could barely concentrate on her work.   


    She was distracted by the ringing of the school bell so she closed her copy and hurried into the school building. She stopped outside geography class, took a deep breath and walked in. Once she reached her desk she connected the dream wires into her arm and the world spun around her. She blinked her eyes open and she was in space, along with the rest of the class, although obviously it was just a simulation. The teacher, Miss Ethington, rambled on about some mountains for ages. Chloe loathed geography, it was the most boring, subject on the school curriculum, which was saying a lot since she has a cleaning class.

        After what seemed like an eternity, the class finally ended and they returned to the classroom  again. Chloe glanced at her timetable and groaned. Double math followed by a lecture.

        As Chloe left the classroom there was a humungous bang followed by the shattering of every window in the building. Chloe screamed and dived under a desk. Suddenly a crack snaked through the hall, getting wider and wider until it was a huge gaping hole.  Chloe backed against the wall, unable to mask the fear on her face. There were only four other people within sight, Daniel Johnson, Samantha Evans, Rochelle May and Tyler Jackson. Everyone else seemed to have disappeared.  The other four were cowering next to her while they watched in horror, as creatures began to emerge from the hole.

      Calling these creatures monsters would be a compliment. As more creatures swarmed out and began disappearing down the hall, Chloe began to feel a strange tingling going through her body. Black spots began to cloud her vision and she into fell a dream like state, although she was still aware of Daniel, Samantha, Rochelle and Tyler. Suddenly another figure appeared and began to speak softly.

     "I am God. Your world is being threatened by the Devil and his beings of the underworld and you must annihilate them. I will divide my powers between you and you must stop the advancing horror. But be warned, it is exceedingly difficult to eradicate something that is already dead. Good luck and goodbye."

         Then Chloe and the others woke. Chloe flexed her stiff fingers, and to her bewilderment, a beam of flame exploded from the palm of her hand.                  






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