Life as we knew it

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  • Published: 20 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2013
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Thousands of years into the future the gates of hell are reopened in an attempt to wipe out the human race for good. But God divides some of his powers between five teenagers in order to save His world. They must destroy the creatures sent from hell but it won't be easy since they are already dead.


5. Nice day to die



            Chloe dug her hand deep into her pocket, withdrawing the key. Her hand was shaking violently as she pushed it into the lock. All three of them held their breath as she turned it. The Gates opened.

         They stood there, frozen, staring in wonder at the sight before them. It was strangely beautiful. It was a world made almost entirely of fire. A hooded figure stood in front of them, a boat floating in the air beside him.

         "Come back when you're dead," he snarled spitefully.

"Please let us in!" Chloe begged. They'd come this far, she wasn't willing to give up now.

"What will you give me?" he asked.

"The key to the Gates," Chloe answered hopefully.

"That's mine, give it to me!" he roared.

"Only if you take us to the devil," Daniel said calmly.

            The hooded figure cursed but let them onto his boat. They sailed on air over Hell, which was surprisingly empty, and after a few minutes they reached a castle. The boat stopped at some sort of docks. They walked towards the door and it opened before them. They walked down a corridor until they reached a door. It was blacker than any black they had seen. Chloe reached out to touch it. It was slippery and smooth but cold as ice.  Chloe withdrew her finger instantly. Tyler stepped forward, his sleeve covering his hand. He closed his fingers around the knob, and slowly pushed the door inwards. They all gasped at what lay before them.

          The room itself was nothing special, dimly lit with many windows, and contained a single flaming throne. But something inside the room haunted them, something they couldn't see, but chilled them to the bone. 

          The throne, which was facing away from them, spun around. And there, with a flaming red cloak draped around him, sat Satan himself. His red, empty eyes narrowed at the sight of them. Chloe's fingernails dug into Daniels arm, and her breathing became shaky.

        "What are you doing here?" he hissed furiously.                

The three of them stared at him blankly.

         "You're not dead," he noted suddenly. "Well something must be done about that."

        Satan was too fast for them to stop. A beam of flame erupted from  his hand and shot across the room towards Chloe. Daniel blocked the attack with a jet of water. Satan looked infuriated as the three began to fight back. He screamed in pure rage and every window in the room shattered into millions of pieces. Chloe screamed, shielding her face with her hands.

        Satan then launched Rochelle into the air and she smashed into a wall, where she plummeted to the floor, unconscious. He then knocked a pillar at Daniel, pinning him to the ground. Satan then shot a blast of air at him, which knocked him out cold.

       He then turned to face Chloe. He raised his palms and fired at beam of flame, Chloe fired back. Most of the room was engulfed in the lethal element. Chloe's whole body was being scorched but Satan was also suffering. Suddenly the other two regained consciousness and joined the battle.

      The Devil shrieked in agony. He knew at this stage his battle was lost. Well, he thought to himself, I suppose it is a nice day to die. He was then lost in blackness.

         Chloe saw the Devil collapse, and instructed the others to stop. Satan was nothing more than a pile of ashes. All around the world, his creatures died with him.

      Chloe limped towards Daniel and Rochelle and flung herself into their arms and the three of them burst into laughter, despite the pain of their wounds and the loss of their brave friends.

       They linked arms and began to walk back towards the Gates of Hell and home. Chloe smiled; life as they knew it would never be the same again.





























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