Life as we knew it

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  • Published: 20 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2013
  • Status: Complete
Thousands of years into the future the gates of hell are reopened in an attempt to wipe out the human race for good. But God divides some of his powers between five teenagers in order to save His world. They must destroy the creatures sent from hell but it won't be easy since they are already dead.


2. God's gift



           The five of them began to experiment with their new powers in the small room.  Chloe controlled fire, Daniel; water, Rochelle;  earth, Tyler; air and Samantha could move objects with her mind.

"So..." said Samantha."What do we do now?"

       "We do what God told us to do," said Chloe suddenly. "We save the world."

         " What?" said Rochelle sarcastically. "We just ask them politely to leave? I'm sure they'll just go straight back to Hell."

     Chloe rolled her eyes and walked out the door, avoiding the hole. The others followed her. They reached an emergency exit and opened the door revealing an enormous three headed dog. They screamed and slammed the door shut but the creature crashed through sending splinters of wood in all directions. As they ran along a corridor Rochelle slipped, falling to the floor, an agonized cry escaping her lips. The creature leaped towards her but, in the nick of time, Chloe raised her palms, releasing twin beams of fire, and the creature flew backwards, giving Rochelle enough time to clamber to her feet and join the group, who were sprinting towards a different exit. They began firing their different powers at the beast, but it was gaining on them. When it was so close that running was no longer a realistic option, they turned and attempted to kill the monster. They all fired at the beast until finally it was nothing but ashes. Chloe and the others leaned against the wall panting and sweating. Finally Tyler spoke.

       "We haven't got a hope on defeating every single one of those things."

"Maybe we don't have to," Daniel butted in. "Maybe if we find the devil and kill him the rest will just die with him."

"Maybe," said Chloe. "It's definitely worth a try."

They all agreed that they would search for the devil and try to kill him, but first they needed sleep. They decided that they would sleep in the school for the night.

As they drifted off, they all had the same dream which was a message from God.

      There was a hooded creature walking through the flame. He stepped in front of the Hollywood sign. Around his bony wrist was a chain with a key. Next they saw a huge gate rising in flames with a sign that read NYC High School. The hooded figure's key fitted into the lock perfectly and when the gates opened they saw the devil, standing in front of their school.

   Chloe woke up and rubbed her eyes, she noticed that the others had just woken up as well. 

    "Did you guys have that dream as well?" she inquired. They nodded.

     "I think we have to go to Hollywood, to get the key that opens the gates, to get to hell and destroy the devil," she continued. They all agreed and decided to leave for Hollywood right away. This time they left with more caution than previously but fortunately there were no nasty surprises waiting.

              They wandered around the deserted street, searching for a hovercraft rental site. By the time they found one, they could see that the war of the worlds had already begun.


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