Life as we knew it

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  • Published: 20 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2013
  • Status: Complete
Thousands of years into the future the gates of hell are reopened in an attempt to wipe out the human race for good. But God divides some of his powers between five teenagers in order to save His world. They must destroy the creatures sent from hell but it won't be easy since they are already dead.


3. Fight fire with fire




     There was a creature made of flame engulfing buildings with fire. The five gasped in horror at the bodies scattered over the ground. Tears welled up in Chloe's eyes when she saw a little girl no older than eight, clutching a teddy bear, lying motionless in the ashes. Rage welled up in Chloe's heart and flame erupted from every inch of her body all directed at the demon. The demon writhed in the air screeching until finally,  it ceased to exist. 

     By then Samantha had gotten a hovercraft working and was beckoning them inside.  They all clambered in. Once they were inside Samantha began to fly towards Hollywood.

    Throughout the journey many horrors unfolded beneath them and to their dismay the demons won every fight they witnessed. Just as they were reaching Hollywood a massive battle unfolded beneath them as humans tried to fight back. Soon the demons noticed the rapidly approaching hovercraft and attempted to destroy it. Samantha swerved the hovercraft to dodge incoming fireballs.

     "Jump!" Samantha screamed as the craft swerved to the left above a river. The four of them looked at her desperately, begging to her to jump too, although they knew if nobody was flying the craft it would certainly crash.

     "Just go," Samantha cried desperately.

The four took one last look at her before opening a shaft in the floor and throwing themselves through it. They hit the water with such force it could  have killed a normal person. Chloe re-surfaced first and looked around her for the others. Daniel and Rochelle's heads bobbed up beside her but Tyler was nowhere to be seen.

         Chloe took a deep breath and dove beneath the surface searching for Tyler.  She spotted him flailing madly trying to reach the surface. Chloe swam over and noticed his ankle was caught in some weeds so she withdrew a knife from her pocket and hacked at them until Tyler was free. They both re-surfaced, their lungs gasping for oxygen. The three of them swam towards the shore, with Chloe and Daniel dragging a half-conscious Tyler with them. Once they reached it, Daniel tried some basic first aid. While Daniel brought Tyler back to consciousness, the girls gazed upwards, praying that Samantha would survive, but just at that moment a ball of fire hurtled towards her and the hovercraft exploded into a million pieces.

         The four of them began trudging through the marshlands, fighting back tears. After hours of hiking, the Hollywood sign was in sight, although now it read llywood. They climbed the steep mountain towards it, but once they reached the top they stopped dead in their tracks.   

     Before them stood a figure dressed in black. They guessed it was Death himself. 

He had long, bony fingers wrapped around a silver staff.  His torn, black, hooded cape was billowing in the wind. And around his wrist was a golden chain with the key for The Gates of Hell on the end of it. He stood there motionless staring at something that the group couldn’t see. Then he turned around to face them.

       “It's time.” he said, in a low rasping whisper.

“Time for what?” asked Rochelle boldly.

“The end,” Death answered quietly, turning away.

“Wait,” said Chloe desperately. “We need your key, the one that leads to Hell.”

His head snapped towards her, and he stared into her pleading eyes.

“What will you give me in return?” he questioned.

“Samantha,” butted in Daniel. “She gave you her life so that we could get the key.”

“Very well,” said Death handing it over. “But be warned, Hell isn’t exactly a stroll in the park.”

        “Thanks” Rochelle said, but Death had vanished. Then a dozen dragon-like creatures surrounded them. They screamed in unison as the creatures closed in. As the creatures attacked, Daniel raised a wall of water, protecting them. Chloe fired flame at them, Tyler flung tornados while Rochelle created earthquakes. By now half the creatures were dead and the others had run off so they relaxed a bit as they wandered around searching for transport that would take them to their school, so they could open the Gates of Hell.    


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