Hi I'm Gemma.
You have heard of that name a lot haven't you.
Let me make it a little more clear. Gemma Styles.
Yes, I am Harrys older sister.
But it isn't all that good.
With him in the spotlight I hardly see him, and sometimes I'm left out.
Not by Harry.
And this is my story...


5. Chapter 5.

''Bye guys, got to get off, meeting Niall at town'' harry said, getting his leather jacket on, I took my shot ''Can I come?'' Harry turned around ''Please, cause I'm bored'' He nodded and grabbed my jacket of the side.

''Why do you always want to come everywhere with me, you never usually do, you normally avoid me, like I am a cold that you want to get rid off'' Harry sniggered, I always had a cold since he left so he always makes that cruel joke to me! How evil of him!

Me and harry walked to the town, Harry had his leather jacket on and his snap back, with some geek glasses, because harry usually where's shades, he decided to change, or it would be way too obvious! Niall was wearing the same thing but he had a bloody nose



quick chapter, on a cliff-hanger, sorry guys, mum is hurrying me up! quick competition, think of a character for this story and why Niall had a bloody nose ( blood coming out of it) I want to know what this person is like!

Summer x <3

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