Hi I'm Gemma.
You have heard of that name a lot haven't you.
Let me make it a little more clear. Gemma Styles.
Yes, I am Harrys older sister.
But it isn't all that good.
With him in the spotlight I hardly see him, and sometimes I'm left out.
Not by Harry.
And this is my story...


4. Chapter 4.

What in the name off..

I get texts like that all the time though, so it know biggy.

I actually find it quite amusing to be honest, cause girls are dying to meet harry and do much more.. but he's just the baby in our family, like Paul, he's our step dad but he's perfectly nice to harry and mum but to me he's horrible, he shouts and screams right in my ear drums when mums not here but he's lovely to me when mum and Harry are in the house, hes such a pain in the fucking ass, but because Harry is the perfect little baby who is the highlight of our family, Paul loves him..




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