Hi I'm Gemma.
You have heard of that name a lot haven't you.
Let me make it a little more clear. Gemma Styles.
Yes, I am Harrys older sister.
But it isn't all that good.
With him in the spotlight I hardly see him, and sometimes I'm left out.
Not by Harry.
And this is my story...


3. Chapter 3.

So now you know how I react when Harry comes, but that doesn't last long, soon he's an annoying little brother.

I feel pissed sometimes, that Harry got the fame, and me well, I'm just Gemma.

Gemma, boring name, boring life, boring,

A beep buzzes in my pocket and I reach for it its a text

'Gemma how r ya' We shuld meet up sumtime and tell harry that he is sexy'

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