Hi I'm Gemma.
You have heard of that name a lot haven't you.
Let me make it a little more clear. Gemma Styles.
Yes, I am Harrys older sister.
But it isn't all that good.
With him in the spotlight I hardly see him, and sometimes I'm left out.
Not by Harry.
And this is my story...


2. Chapter 2.

''Harry?'' I say ''What..'' He asks coldly ''How long are you here for now'' ''About a week'' He replies, I'm just so bummed he cant stay longer when he first auditioned for the X factor I was so happy for him And was pleased to meet All the other lads, Especially Niall Horan, He's so cute! but I could never tell harry that because he would tell them and then the news would get out, even though Niall is the same age as me and is really sweet to me.

When I was at school every one liked me, and they wanted me to ask Harry to be friends with them, most girls fall for him from his dimples and curls but to me that's just Harry.

Well it would be to me as I have knew him since the day he was born.

''So what have you and the lads been up to'' I say trying to start a conversation with harry.

He looks up ''Really, are you bothered about them, and don't you read any gossip magazines'' He says

''Since when do I read gossip mags'' We both chuckle.

''Gemma, you know I miss you'' He says.

''Well you don't show it very well, I feel really weird now because your all big and famous, your all mum talks about, she never bothers' with me, she hardly speaks to me about collage'' Then we just chat about what's been going on in the past 7 months.

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