Hi I'm Gemma.
You have heard of that name a lot haven't you.
Let me make it a little more clear. Gemma Styles.
Yes, I am Harrys older sister.
But it isn't all that good.
With him in the spotlight I hardly see him, and sometimes I'm left out.
Not by Harry.
And this is my story...


1. Chapter 1.

Hi I'm Gemma

Gemma? You probably say to yourself. Who's Gemma?

Gemma Styles, Yes I am Harry Styles sister, probably some girls dream, as you can talk to Harry and the other 4 musketeer's. But no. Its not that easy, Harry is usually somewhere else in the world so I cant speak to him because of the time difference. And I rarely see him because when he is not on tour or doing some signing He his sleeping, as you probably no. Harry Styles loves his sleep.

I live in Holmes Chapel, As you probably know, And have lived there all my life, So most of you know me more than I know myself and some of you are wondering who the hell is Gemma Styles. Well you are about to find out.

''GEMMA, Harry's back!'' Mum is calling And as per usual she his hugging and kissing Harry.

''Hi. By-'' ''Aren't you going to give your baby brother a huggy and kissy'' Harry says, pouting ''Nah I'm good'' I say but I go up to him and we hug, I do miss having a little brother around to torment and annoy but my life isn't really normal as I am Gemma Styles.



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