1. Ghost

 "Excuse me," a waiter says "we are closing now." I thank the waiter, place my bookmark on the page where I was disturbed, close my book and walk out, leaving my untouched coffee on the table.

I must have been reading for a long time as it is dark now, but I am in the center of Paris and there are many people around. Fellow tourists admire the Eiffel Tower, it's light casts a bewitching spell all through the city. I stand there for a moment, admiring Parisians babbling on in French and scanning the crowd.

There! Under the yellow glow of the street lamp stands a boy. I recognise him but where from? He has raven hair against bronze skin and dark blue eyes like precious gems. He skims the crowd as if in search for someone. His eyes meet mine staring deeply into them for a few seconds. After examining my eyes he walks away from under the street lamp towards an alleyway. I follow, curious why I recognise this mysterious boy. He looks back and sees that I am following. He doesn't run or speed up, but he doesn't welcome me to follow either.

... He stops at the Pont des Arts. Staring over the bridge blankly into the river, like he is waiting for something. I gaze into his deep blue eyes. Deep like the ocean. Then I remember. It's Ash, Ash my best friend. How can I forget? He is the reason why I am like this. A couple of years ago we were both in a car accident. It was after a party and Ash insisted driving. I thought I should but I didn't say anything. I survived but he didn't. I have blamed myself ever since. But it's impossible. How is he here right now? He is supposed to be dead.

I walk over to where he is standing and ask, "Ash?" He nods, wide eyed towards the river. For some reason I am not shocked or scared. I am just casually talking to my dead friend. "I'm sorry," I say as a tear slips down my cheek. "No, it wasn't your fault!" He says looking right into my eyes. I take a step forward, wrap my arms around him, rest my head on his muscular chest an close my eyes. he has no heart beat. in response he puts one hand on my shoulder and the other wraps around my waist. "I've missed you," he says. "me too," I reply. we loosen the hug and I look into the river, watching a ripple expand slowly. "How?" I simply ask, curious. "That can not be explained." "why did you come here then?" "For you Kara. I came to let you hear that it wasn't your fault from my mouth. To help you move on." i smile. "This is the part where you say goodbye isn't it?" "You have to promise me something before i go." What?" "Don't blame yourself anymore and move on. Live your life while you can!" "I promise." "We will meet again someday," he whispers in my ear as his lips caress my cheek. then he fades away with the wind.

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