18 year old Patrick Thompson has no family except his little brother Lucas. But 2 months after his parents die Lucas is taken from his Prep school. Patrick learns that his parents weren't who they say they were and that there son has been taken as punishment. All Patrick knows is that he needs to get him back.


1. The Truck

From the back of the truck he could see the last flashes of the police car giving up. His head was screaming with numerous different emotions; fear, anger and loneliness. His banged on the walls of the truck on last time calling out for them to come back. 

"I'm here, come back, please help me!" but they didn't turn around. He sat back and began to take in his situation, the truck was old but strong so he wouldn't be able to break out. The boy began to feel dizzy so he sat back, but to quickly and banged his head.

He woke up to see a man standing over the top of him. the left side of the boy's body was wet, as he seemed to be lying, not in the van anymore but on dewy grass. The man spoke quickly in a language he didn't know whilst he grabbed him up and dragged him over to the side of the truck. Paddy struggled but couldn't get free from the beastly sized man. He was then shoved into the side of the struck roughly and pined up so he was now the same height as the man.

"English?" the beastly man spluttered

"y-yes" the boy said trying not to show his fear but couldn't hep but stutter

"go toilet now!" the man said whilst releasing him pointing to a small building on the other side of the street. Paddy walked over to it and went inside, he did not need to go to the toilet so stood in front of the sink. He looked up and saw the grimy picture in front of him. There stood a boy with short brown curly hair that was matted across the left side of his head where there was a gash the size of a little finger, the boy had a fat lip and a bruised right eye, generally dirty and the only thing he could recognise as himself was the deep blue eyes cutting through him. 



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