18 year old Patrick Thompson has no family except his little brother Lucas. But 2 months after his parents die Lucas is taken from his Prep school. Patrick learns that his parents weren't who they say they were and that there son has been taken as punishment. All Patrick knows is that he needs to get him back.


2. 6 Months Previous

"Patrick? Please please can we go to the park?"

"No I have to go to work in 10 minutes"

"Can't you skip it for one day"

"I'm sorry lucas but i can't, we don't have any money and i need this job. I Promise i will make it up to you tonight, we can watch a film."

"ok ok can i at least come with you to work"

"No you have to go to school, it's been 2 months, you need to go back"

"But I don't want to!" lucas said with tears welling up, Patrick bent down so he was level with him. 

"I am sorry Lucas but i have to go to work and mummy and daddy would have wanted you to become the smartest boy in the world and prove to everyone that a Thompson can rule the world"

"Do you promise that you will pick me up?"

"I promise, now go before the monsters catch you". Lucas left without another word, whilst picking up his red backpack and rolling his bike out of the door. 

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