18 year old Patrick Thompson has no family except his little brother Lucas. But 2 months after his parents die Lucas is taken from his Prep school. Patrick learns that his parents weren't who they say they were and that there son has been taken as punishment. All Patrick knows is that he needs to get him back.


3. 3 p.m

Patrick runs into Grange Prep School. The playground is almost empty, he runs to the front of the school , apologising as he runs. 

"I am so sorry, I didn't see the time!"

"Patrick, what are you doing here?" said Miss. Grant

"To pick up Lucas" replied Patrick out of breath

"But your uncle picked him up over half an hour ago". The world stopped, Patrick stood their unable to breath. "Wh-what uncle?' he stepped back 'I don't have an uncle". Miss. Grant's face dropped and Patrick pushed her aside. 

"Lucas! Lucas where are you, this isn't a joke come out right now!" his voice getting louder, he then sprinted to the bike racks. the blue bike was propped up against the pole. Patrick sank to his knees in front of it, put his hands in his hair and screamed "LUCAS!"

He wrestled his phone out of his pocket and dialled the police. "Hello? Hello, my brother has been taken"

"Where are you sir?"

"Err Grange Prep school, South London please help me"

"Ok when was the last time you saw your brother?"

"This morning! Before he left, he didn't even want to go to school and now he is gone." said patrick in a panic stricken voice, is hands staking so much he could barley hold the phone.

"Could you tell me your name and explain exactly what has happened?"

"My name is Patrick Thompson, my little brother goes to this prep school and I was late to pick him up, and and ...' a little sob comes out 'they told me my uncle came to pick him up but we don't have nay other family except each other!"

"Where are your parent's?"

never mind about my parents are you going to help my brother!?"

"A police car is 2 minutes away"

Patrick hangs up the phone and runs out the front of the school, people stare at him as he screams his brother's name and looks up and down the street for the little red back pack. 

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