I Know What You Did Last Wednesday - Book Review

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  • Published: 11 Apr 2013
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I Know What You Did Last Wednesday -
When the Diamond Brothers receive an invitation to a school reunion on a remote Scottish island, things seem to be looking up. But Nick's got a bad feeling, and it's not indigestion. And when he meets their fellow guests, the feeling only gets worse - especially when they start dying in ever more bizarre ways.


1. I Know What You Did Last Wednesday - My Review


My Review

   ‘I Know What You Did Last Wednesday’ is a murder mystery written by Anthony Horowitz which is part of the story of ‘The Diamond Brothers,’ which has nine books contributing to their Detective careers.

   This book focuses on a group of old school friends including Nick’s brother Tim, (The less successful and idiotic Detective out of the two, even though he’s the oldest). The reunion was organised by Rory McDougal. They were set to meet at Crocodile Island, near the coast of Scotland. Oddly, Rory paid Tim one thousand pounds to come, and also for the train tickets. Why?

   When Tim, Nick (Tim couldn’t leave his little brother behind!), Eric, Sylvie, Libby, Brenda, Janet, Mark and Janet reach the Island, Rory is nowhere to be found. But they do find him eventually. In his bedroom. Dead. His body divided. Is that significant?

   All I scared as all school stories come to haunt, and mysteries and small things fall together. Rory divided, what subjects they are better at, a rip on one of the canopies and a globe as a murder weapon. Floating skulls and lies spread but who is the one who wasn’t invited?

   The thing I liked about this book was the logic; the way the murders and every detail were linked together must have taken immense planning. For the writer and for the murderer. He simplistic reason of the types of murder committed was all cleverly done, as the reason Rory was divided is because he came first in Math’s at school. It was also a short and sweet novel too. Also the way the characters were built differently was very interesting. Some lead, some followed, some were scared. The one thing they all had in common was that they all had their talents… and most of them died.

   Maybe some of the things that could be improved could be the plot line in some parts. In small places the plot was jumpy and important events happened that were rushed.

   The book could be made better is it was extended slightly. Not by too much, but maybe just a couple of pages to the rushed parts could be stretched and made clearer. There was also a part of the book when Tim runs out of the house and to the coast of the island in the space of a few lines.

   In conclusion I think that this book is an exciting and dramatic crime drama, consisting of in depth character’s and skilled murder.

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