You and Me Forever

This is a The Wanted fanfic it's about 2girls that are related to One Direction who will fall in love?


6. Tookin away

Tom pov:i was about to kiss Samantha when max came in running and screaming way to go max "lizzys friend Lizzy needs help!!"said max scared Samantha then ran out of my arms and went upstairs and so did I finding lizzy laying on the floor "call an ambulance"said Sam so I grabbed my phone and dialed 911 "Kay thanks"I said hanging up "they said they will be here in 5 minutes"I stated Nathan then carried her down satires and ran out the door then I heard so sirens and saw a buggie coming out the ambulance they put Lizzy on the buggie and into the ambulance "the closest person to this person is who?"said a man then sam raised her hand and go in she looked at me and her eyes were red I felt like I was tearing apart jut looking at her like that "let's go and follow them"said max and we did when we got to the hospitals emergency room we saw the doctors taking away Liz and we saw Sam in a doctors arms she was screaming "no no no let me go with her let me the fuck go!!!!!" Then the doctor let go and she fell to her knees and cupped her face with her hands I ran to her and held her tight she was shaking she looked at me and her face said it all another half of her was tookin away

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