You and Me Forever

This is a The Wanted fanfic it's about 2girls that are related to One Direction who will fall in love?


8. The First Kiss

Sammy's pov: "how do you feel?" I asked Lizzy "better Sammy don't be so worried I'm fine I'll be good to go home tomorrow" she said "ok well one of the boys will come in here to say hi k?" "K" i left the room and Nathan whent in after me i sat down and Tom came and sat by me "are you ok?" He asked "yeah I'm fine" i started to cry thinking that i might not see Lizzy ever again "don't cry everything is gonna be fine you will see" i looked away he tilltid my chin so i could see him straight in the eye "listen to me i promise everything is gonna be fine" he said he leand in and so did I our lips met and I could feel the fire workes and all that shit happen "sorry about that" he said I layed my head on his sholder siglaling 'it's ok' 

Lizzy's pov: when Nathan came in a smile speaded on my face "hi" he said "hey" i sad back "I was thinking that you might be board so I broght you your phone that you leaft at Sammy's house and yes I learnd her name" he told me while handing me my phone "thank you oh look you put your guyses numbers and pictures on here so I can text you thank you" i said he smiled "your welcome" he said he was cute so I wanted to ask you if when you got out of the Hospital we could maby go out to dinner?" He asked i smiled "i would love to" i said he smiled "oh and also if you and Sammy would like to be on our video 'chasing the sun' and 'I Found You'?" I keept my smile "i would love to" i said "i forgot to tell you that on the video 'I Found You' only you can be in it is that ok?" He asked "yeah Sammy will be fine with it" i said "ok well by" he leand in and huged me "by I'll text you" he smiled and leaft

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